• causes of dizziness

    What Causes of Dizziness: Symptoms and Tips To Prevent Dizziness

    Dizziness is characterized by a feeling of lightheartedness and a sensation that your surroundings are spinning. This feeling of unsteadiness is also referred to as vertigo and may also be accompanied by symptoms like nausea or a headache. Dizziness may have a variety of causes, namely, a drop in sugar levels or blood pressure in the body, disorders of the nervous system, ear disorders or even a heat stroke. Other causes of dizziness include illnesses like flu, diarrhea, fever, allergies, and dehydration. There are several simple ways to cure dizziness at home. Using a few home remedies and easy tips for preventing fainting spells, you can cure dizziness effectively. One…

  • early pregnancy loss

    Early Pregnancy Loss

    Early pregnancy loss is a pregnancy that ends before the twentieth medical week. After the twentieth week, the loss of the fetus is classified as a stillbirth or a preterm delivery. Eighty percent of early pregnancy loss happens in the first trimester. They commonly occur around the time the woman’s menstrual periods would have around the fourth, eighth, twelfth, and sixteenth medical weeks of pregnancy. Early pregnancy loss that happens in the first few weeks of pregnancy is referred to as blighted an embryonic gestation, which means that the fertilized egg simply fails t develop for unknown reasons. Many women miscarry more than once in their life. About one in…

  • Early pregnancy bleeding

    Early Pregnancy Bleeding

    Early pregnancy bleeding is surprisingly common, and it is always worrying. Therefore, care must be taken, as it may be dangerous to the life of the woman. There are many causes which are included in the following: Abnormalities of the cervix, such as erosion (ulceration), polyp (growth) and cancer of the cervix. In these conditions, there is a slight irregular bleeding with no pain. The woman should be referred to a doctor. Abortion – in this, the woman has abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding which may be mild or severe. If this occurs in the first two months of pregnancy and the symptoms are mild, advice the woman to stay…

  • Early Pregnancy Tests

    Early Pregnancy Tests

    Early pregnancy tests are very important which should involve an examination in the pelvic region for confirmation of pregnancy conditions. The first and foremost comes to the mind of various doctors are the urine pregnancy tests. The most essential way of confirmation of pregnancy involves the purchase of a kit of pregnancy testing which is available in various drug stores. This should be bought after a couple of weeks of the missed periods known as PMS syndrome. You should check the appearance of a hormone called Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) in the fluid as stated earlier. This is tested during the first specimen that involves the clear-cut concentration of HCG.…

  • Gestational diabetes
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    The Causes of Gestational Diabetes

    Gestational diabetes is a disorder of metabolism which originates during the later stages of pregnancy. In the United States of America, there are more than 130,000 women suffering from gestational diabetes. The number is at its increase every day. Like the other types of diabetes, gestational diabetes also involves abnormal levels of glucose in the blood. The science has not reached to any conclusive studies about the exact cause of gestational diabetes. The important thing is that knowing the exact cause of gestational diabetes is helpful in treating gestational diabetes in an efficient and the proper way. The exact cause Till to date, it is impossible to pinpoint the cause…

  • How to Conceive Baby Boy

    How to Conceive a Baby Boy

    A general understanding is that those couples who can pay millions of bucks to the gender selection clinics can only conceive baby boys. Obviously, most of the couples are unable to afford those million bucks even if to conceive a baby boy is their core heart wish. If you are among one of those, dying to conceive baby boy then proceed further. Fortunately, there are many natural procedures that can be carried out at home to have a sports partner the fathers really wished for. Here we will be discussing some natural, inexpensive ways that increase the chance to conceive a baby boy. Sperm Chromosomes Are Responsible To Conceive Baby…

  • Genital warts

    Genital Warts: Why Home Remedies Are Better Than Painful Therapies

    Genital warts cures are widely available. They can be prescribed by doctors or they can be instituted at home. Although some therapies are helpful, they can be very uncomfortable to the sick individual. It is no wonder why home remedies for genital warts have been more popular than the painful therapies. Let us learn the reasons why. Painful Medical Procedures to Treat Warts Warts cannot be fully eliminated. But they can be relieved through various ways. Here are some of them: Cryosurgery Although cryosurgery is generally not painful, it can cause mild discomfort to the patient. It can cause cramping in the area where the freezing probe is applied. Laser…

  • Female Genital Warts

    Female Genital Warts: What Do They Look Like And Where Do They Appear?

    Female Genital Warts are one of the most common infections that can occur in and around the female reproductive tract. Although it affects males, the sexually transmitted disease predominantly occurs in females. It is important to know the signs of the disease and where they first appear for early diagnosis and treatment of the problem. So what do genital warts look like, and where do they first appear? Keep reading for more information. What Do Genital Warts Look Like? Genital warts, otherwise known as Venereal Warts or Condylomata acuminate, are located near or on the genital areas. They first appear as bumps or growths in your vulva. These Female Genital…

  • Cervical Cancer

    How to Cure Genital Warts – Does Female Genital Warts Lead To Cervical Cancer?

    There are more than 100 types of Human Papilloma Virus. Although most of the types do not lead to severe complications, about 30 strains of the viruses are linked to Cervical Cancer. So before you develop fatal complications, a cure for genital warts should be started. Early treatment of the problem puts the person at lesser risk of acquiring cervical cancer. The Strains of Viruses Involved Although the exact cause of Cervical Cancer is unknown, it has been linked to a few strains of Human Papilloma Viruses. Once a woman is diagnosed with female genital warts, she could be at risk of developing cervical cancer. The virus can be spread…

  • ways to remove warts

    How to Remove Warts Fast – 3 Ways to Remove Warts

    Any type of warts, from genital warts to facial warts are no fun for the one who suffers from them. Sufferers are constantly worried about the health risks they present and they want to remove warts fast. Warts can be contagious and painful and interfere with your daily life. If you're a sufferer of any type of warts, there are ways to remove warts. Keep reading the rest of the article for further information on removing warts. Well go over some conventional methods and discuss a method that can be very effective in getting rid of warts. The first way to remove warts, I would like to discuss is over…