10 Healthy Foods for Diabetics

10 Healthy Foods for Diabetics

Let’s do a countdown for 10 healthy foods for diabetics. There is a specific order in their “healthiness”. Our guideline is raw paleo diet, in the case of our beginners, rawish pale diet will do,

1. Raw Bitter Melon Fruit

You think all fruits are sweet? Think again. Bitter melon is bitter. And eating 1/4 of this fruit a day raw with the skin and the seeds will give you the nutrition you need to lower your blood sugar levels to normal. Learn more at bitter melon diabetes website.

2. Slightly steamed Brussel Sprouts

Gives you vegetable nutrition goodness, just slightly steam to retain organic nutrition

3. Slightly steamed Broccoli

Gives you vegetable nutrition goodness, just slightly steam to retain organic nutrition

4. Slightly steamed Cauli Flower

Can serve as your rice or starch substitute. For those transitioning who want a feel of starchiness without the sugar spikes.

5. Raw Fertilized Duck Eggs

Fertilized is important, it has all the magic of life in these eggs. Eggs are supposed to be alive, eat them whole and raw. Watch a youtube video of Rocky chowing down on raw eggs to be strong if you aren’t convinced. I’m partial to duck eggs over chicken eggs because many people are allergic to chicken.

6. Raw Blue Marlin Sashimi

It is one of the fattest fish in the markets. These marlins are those big fish with the pointed nose. Great for sashimi. Or you may sear for 5 seconds if you aren’t used to raw.

7. Raw Big Eye Tuna

Know that there are various grades of raw tuna. The fattest and tastiest are called big eye tuna where we get them. Absolutely delicious. Fatty in your mouth. Eat raw sashimi.

8. Grass Fed Sheep / Lamb / Mutton

I like mutton. They’re pretty fat for small animals. Eat them raw or sear them for a few seconds like 10 seconds per side. Use scissors to cut. Grass fed is important because their fat profile becomes healthy and normal that way. Omega 3 goodness.

9. Grass Fed Beef

Beef is one of my staple meats. Grass-fed makes all the difference in taste. Raw sashimi is best. But you can wear them for starters for that smokey smell. Please do not use charcoal, the soot will stick with your meat and you get the pollution. My technique with children is a hot plate with slots.

Eat many parts of this animal, brains, liver, bone marrow, live fat, meat muscle, heart. Each part has its own nutrition.

10. Coconut Milk / Cream and Virgin Coconut Oil

VCO can be used for searing your meats. It is a stable oil/fat. It’s also highly anti-parasitic. Coconut milk can be used to fatten food that’s not so fat. Say you can use coconut milk on your vegetables or lean meats.

The key is low carbohydrate and high amounts of raw, rawish fat. Whether they come from animals, coconuts, and even from olive oils. Raw fat is the nutrient many people are missing because they have been brainwashed by the medical literature to fear fat, and also to fear anything raw.

Raw fat will not only give you steady energy to avoid spiking and crashing of blood sugar levels. Raw fat Omega 3 balanced will also clear out your arteries. All those blasted anti-fat studies point to COOKED FAT. They can’t touch raw fat. Raw fat is nature’s finest.

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