10 Reasons Behind Late Period

Women do not generally panic when they miss a period if they had not tried anything to get pregnant. When women miss period pregnancy is the first thought that comes to the mind of a woman. But pregnancy is not the only factor working when one misses a period. There are ten reasons working behind this late period.

Stress is one such important factor. Stress can affect our health in many ways including the missing of the period. When we are in stress some hormones are released and it prevents the bleeding. The doctor’s advice on the way of relaxing should be taken. Secondly prolonged or short illness may result in delayed menstruation. Change of routine e.g. working in the night shift from day shift is also a factor working behind delayed period. If a new medicine is experimented or tried it can often postpone the period. One should always consult a doctor before using such medicine and should be aware of the side effects.

Obesity often results in the secretion of the hormone which makes the menstrual cycle irregular and also causes infertility. It is seen that by losing weight one can have a regular period. Not only overweight but also underweight results in the delayed period. Insufficient fat often results to irregular period. Sometimes the problem becomes so severe that it stops the period completely. This disease is known as Amenorrhea. With the gain in weight, they can overcome this problem. This problem is generally seen in professional athletes.

The general cycle is of 28 days. But these vary from woman to another. Sometimes one miscalculate the days and think that one is having a late period but in reality, it is not so. We can know the correct answer if we know when one ovulates. Premenopause is yet another important reason for the delayed period. It is the time when one is switching to the non-reproductive stage from the reproductive stage. The time of period and its flow is very unpredictable. Sometimes the flow is more frequent, sometimes it is less frequent, sometimes it is heavier and sometimes it is lighter. In this stage, one should use birth control measures if one does not want to get pregnant because at this stage also there are also some chances of remaining fertile.

Menopause is the period when a woman does not have a period anymore. At this point in life, one reaches the non-reproductive stage. It can happen through natural process or you can do this by surgery through chemicals such as chemotherapies or through a hysterectomy.

The final reason for a missed period is pregnancy. A simple test of pregnancy assures one's pregnancy. Some such tests are blood pregnancy test or urine test which looks for the hormone HCG. If the pregnancy test shows a negative result it is always advisable to wait for a week and then again go for a test. If the result is again negative and one already knows the reason for the missed period then one should go to the doctor for a physical test.

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