10 Steps to Remove the Asbestos Siding

Steps to Remove the Asbestos Siding

Like we have known that the asbestos is one of the dangers to use for our home. Actually, the asbestos is not expensive, but the safety or the health of the asbestos itself is not good for us because asbestos has the bad impact for us. Actually, we have discussed the asbestos itself and we know that the asbestos can give the risk of cancer for our body. Because of it, you have to avoid the asbestos from your life. To get more health than, you can see here that there are some steps to remove the asbestos siding, that:

  1. Post sign warning any “drop-in “friends, family, and another visitor to the work taking place.
  2. House down about 50 square feet of siding. Mix approximately 1 teaspoon of liquid dish-washing detergent with water in the pint-size spray bottle or about one-half cup of detergent in a garden pump sprayer.
  3. Suit up with your disposable coveralls.
  4. Remove pieces of siding by pulling nails or cutting nail heads so as to minimize breakage.
  5. Load wetted debris and other contaminated materials into sturdy containers like cardboard boxes or burlap sacks.
  6. Double bag or wrap other filled containers in pre-marked 6 mil asbestos waste disposal bags.
  7. At the end of each work shift, re-went any debris on the strip of the plastic nest to the wall.
  8. While standing on this last piece of plastic sheeting, spray yourself with water to wet down any asbestos debris on the outside of your respirator and disposable coveralls.
  9. Remove boots.
  10. Take off the respirator.

Those are the steps to remove the asbestos siding, so you can see and follow the steps to keep your health from the asbestos itself.

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