11 Ways to preserve the health of your sexual life

Health of your sexual life

Healthy sex life is very beneficial to you and your partner. Sex can improve the immune system, reduce stress, and improve mood. But there is a separate way to keep the sexual life to stay healthy. Check out the tips of the health of your sexual life:

Kegel exercises

Kegel gymnastics is a physical activity that aims to improve blood circulation in the pelvic region to make the muscles in the section more sensitive. Sex and orgasm will be more potent if you routinely perform kegel exercises.

Sex is not a burden

Making sex as a burden will only make you as if you rejected your partner and created an unhealthy sexual life. Never consider sex as a burden, but enjoy what you are doing with your partner.


Three types of potent foods that are believed to increase libido are raw oysters, strawberries, and avocados. So do not be lazy to consume these three kinds of food for a healthier sex life.

Do not smoke

Cigarettes are the leading cause of venous and arterial damage, even to the intimate part of your body. Stop smoking if you want to maintain the sexual health of yourself and your partner.

The proper body language

Shocking a partner by teasing him while busy cooking, sending erotic messages, or suddenly kissing when watching television can make the harmony of sex life becomes more burning and stay healthy.

Do not expect too high

Expecting a partner can always be great when on the bed should also be avoided. The better thing to do is to communicate with each other to better understand the desires and abilities of each.

Sex therapy

Ask for help from others, such as a local sex therapist, and you can also do to find the things you or your partner want when making love. No need to be embarrassed if you have to consult with foreigners because this is one way to maintain your sexual health.

Enjoy foreplay

Foreplay can be called as a warm-up before sex. Never miss this activity to keep sex comfortable and enjoyable.

Sex according to age

Make sure you know the age-appropriate sex guides to keep enjoying the act of lovemaking with your partner, even when you and your partner have menopause though.

Cures depression

Did you know that sex can cure depression? If you do not believe it, try to do it and see for yourself the effectiveness of sex in alleviating the burden of your mind.


Ever heard of exercise? It is a sport to improve sex performance. Together with your partner, do regular exercise to enhance your sex life all the time.

All of the tips above you can apply from now on to maintain the health of your sexual life with your partner. Or do you have a way apart from the ones mentioned above? Share your experience here!

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