15 Characteristics of Fibromyalgia that Important to Know and Watch Out!!

Characteristics of Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a chronic health condition whose symptoms are the pain felt by the patient on his whole body. Anyone can suffer from fibromyalgia regardless of age, and it's just that most sufferers are aged 30-50 years and do not close the possibility for children to experience it as well. Then, what are the characteristics of fibromyalgia that we are obliged to know, be aware of and prevent?

1. Muscle Stiffness
Does the muscle feel stiff all of a sudden? The possibility is indeed fibromyalgia which is the basis of this condition. If muscle stiffness does not feel better and even for three months there is no sign of stiffness disappears, we need to start suspiciously that the disease is caused by fibromyalgia and immediately check it.

2. Muscle ache
Pain is one of the leading features of fibromyalgia that should be wary of because not only stiff, muscles will feel so painful. Discomfort or pain is more felt in the muscles we most often use.

In general, pain and pain appear in the upper shoulder muscles, leg muscles, thigh muscles, and arm muscles. The pain and the pain are not as common as the muscles will feel like being stabbed. If this condition doesn't quickly subside, then immediately consult a doctor to detect fibromyalgia early also to be able to overcome it soon.

3. Muscles Like Burned
In addition to rigid and tingling pains, we need to know that the hallmark of other fibromyalgia is the muscles experiencing heat or burning sensations. These are the symptoms that distinguish the aches and pains caused by fibromyalgia from other conditions that have almost identical symptoms. The Hot or burning sensation is quite disturbing and if more than three months do not disappear as well or repeatedly occur, immediately to the doctor.

4. Headache
In addition to stiff muscles, frequent headaches are also worth watching out for as one of the worse conditions of fibromyalgia. A recurrent headache is not something to underestimate because it means there's something wrong inside your body. Fibromyalgia sufferers will feel the tension and sense of stress can make the pain in the head appear regularly.

5. Insomnia
Fibromyalgia disease can be characterized by difficulty sleeping at night, so if we do not usually experience it, then this is characteristic of fibromyalgia disease. Patients will have trouble sleeping due to the discomfort that haunts.

When you want to sleep, the pain, the sensation of heat and muscle stiffness that occurs will be so disturbing that it is more difficult to sleep. Even when we're asleep, there's a chance we can wake up, and it will be difficult to get back to sleep because of the discomfort.

6. Fatigue
Fibromyalgia is also synonymous with signs of fatigue that continue to occur in the body of the sufferer. If you feel tired for a long time when you think that you have enough rest and work is not so much, try to see other fibromyalgia symptoms. If suspicious, you should immediately handle the characteristics and signs more serious.

7. Increased Sensitivity to Specific Conditions
Changes in our condition may happen, as well as increased sensitivity to some things. There are some conditions we need to be aware of when we are more sensitive to them, such as:

  • More sensitive to light aka feel disturbed when the room light is too bright.
  • More sensitive to sound.
  • More sensitive to touch where when touched we will feel the pain.

8. Migraine
Not just a regular headache, headaches aka a migraine can also be one of the characteristics of fibromyalgia, especially when a migraine is often a relapse. If you experience a recurring migraine, this could be because of the tension felt by fibromyalgia sufferers.

9. Difficult Focus
The characteristic of a person with fibromyalgia usually also will be difficult to focus or concentrate on things or activities that are being done. This decreased concentration has to do with the pain that is felt all over the body so that it will make the inconvenience increase and the focus decreases. If you have this, then the condition should be addressed.

10. Body Missing Balance
Persons with fibromyalgia may exhibit features of loss of balance in the body. When we feel that the body is less balanced when used walking, not to mention coupled with a sense of stiffness, pain and burning sensation in the muscle, you should immediately get checked out. Initial examination and diagnosis will help if fibromyalgia is correct, can be easily treated easily.

11. Skin Problems
Diseases such as fibromyalgia not only indicate problems in the muscle but also on the skin. Disorders of the skin will be experienced by the sufferers, such as:

  • Acne
  • Red lumps on the skin surface.
  • Swelling

12. Depression
Depression also turns out to be a hallmark of fibromyalgia where it initially was a rapidly changing emotion. Sudden mood swings are usually associated with stress and stress in a person, but it is mandatory for us to know that depression can be related to a variety of health conditions as well.

In some cases, fibromyalgia sufferers may exhibit several conditions leading to depression, such as:

  • The sense of sudden sadness.
  • Anxiety arises suddenly and for no apparent reason.
  • A sense of joy or excitement that can suddenly appear or suddenly disappear.

13. Cold or Overheated
Another feature that also needs to be aware of as a condition of fibromyalgia is that we can quickly feel chilled or overheated. Symptoms such as this include common occurrence in people with fibromyalgia due to the body's inability to regulate body temperature. If accompanied by other symptoms, it could not hurt to see a doctor and make sure.

14. Stomach Cramps and Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Abdominal cramps can also be a feature of fibromyalgia along with irritable bowel syndrome. When the stomach already feels uncomfortable and also followed by other characteristics, please direct to the doctor to check yourself because these two conditions can become more severe.

15. Menstruation with Excessive Pain
For women, if you experience menstruation with pain that arises so severe and excessive, not to mention the muscles feel stiff, like burning and very sick, this can be a sign of fibromyalgia that needs to be overcome immediately. Pain during menstruation is a common thing, but if the pain is not fair, it should be addressed directly.

Because of the characteristics of fibromyalgia are not the same in every patient and also at different levels, it is necessary to see a doctor immediately. Although classified as difficult to detect, but if the symptoms last up to 12 weeks more with pain that feels on 4-6 parts of the body, this can be a real fibromyalgia. Once known, then the new doctor can provide appropriate treatment.

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