15 Useful Tips to Wake Up Without Feeling Lazy

Tips to Wake Up Without Feeling Lazy

Not only does the early bird get the worm, but he’s also happier and has a higher overall satisfaction with his life. “We don’t know why this is, but there are a few potential explanations. Evening people may be more prone to social jet lag; it means that their life timer is out of sync with the social clock”, Renee Biss, a researcher wrote.

Tips to Wake Up Without Feeling Lazy

Here are some Tips to Wake Up Without Feeling Lazy you can do in the short term and the long time, so that you will wake up energized and dynamic in the morning.

  1. Do not feel lazy and just do it. What the point of living if you’re not going to use every day to the fullest. Sleep is always there; opportunities are not.
  2. The moment your alarm goes off, get out of bed and start on your day. It’s helpful to talk yourself through the day because it keeps your mind moving towards things later in the day so you can tell yourself that you are feeling fresh. If you continuously are reminding yourself of your day plans and insisting you aren’t tired, the yawning morning hours will fly right by.
  3. If you are feeling difficulty falling asleep, try to get away from computer screens, televisions, etc. The emission of LCD screens prevents you from being able to fall asleep. Apart the glare of the screens will also not let you sleep properly.
  4. Set your alarm clock further away, then you have to get up to turn the alarm off. If it is within your comfortable grasp, it will be put off by you even unintentionally.
  5. Set the alarm across the room so you would have to stand up to go turn it off.
  6. Try finding the amount to sleep that is right for you. Some individual only needs 7 hours of sleep and feel energized in the morning. More than 8 hours of sleep may induce laziness.
  7. Find a week or weekend that you could go to sleep at different times and wake up at the same time. Look how energized you are when you wake up.
  8. Try splashing cold water on your face in the morning or go out for exercise. Taking a shower also wakes you up.
  9. Go to bed earlier and stop getting distracted by shiny gadgets that will strain your eyes.
  10. Keep a steady sleep schedule and adhere to it. Fall asleep and wake up at the same time every day.
  11. A healthy sleep routine is a difficult habit to adopt. Gradually set a wake time earlier (e.g., 10 minutes earlier every other week); this will help you wake up earlier without disrupting your sleep schedule.
  12. If you are drowsy in the morning, take a cold shower. I will raise your blood pressure and considerably awaken your body.
  13. Tell your body that it has to wake up feeling rejuvenated at a specific time before going to sleep every night.
  14. Make your alarm clock buzz, so you don’t wake up your parents, or anyone else who is trying to sleep.
  15. Do physical exercises that put your body in motion. Push-ups, jumping jacks, and lunges are great examples of riding morning fatigue.

If you need a wake-up call, ask a friend to call you to wake you up. That's all the useful Tips to Wake Up Without Feeling Lazy.

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