19 Ways to Prevent Acne Come Back Naturally

Ways to Prevent Acne Come Back Naturally

The Ways to Prevent Acne Come Back Naturally is very important, like other diseases, prevent better than to treat, because indeed acne is a grave enemy for the skin. Do you know how to prevent acne? Acne can indeed come at any time, but the important thing is you know how to stop it. This is very important to do because too quickly remove the acne that arises. But before we discuss how to prevent acne should first know the reasons for acne can perch on your beautiful face.

Factors Cause Acne

Acne can be perched on the face for several factors. Some factors that can trigger the occurrence of acne such as oily skin, blockage of facial dirt on the pores of the face because of thick makeup and not immediately cleaned up to fall asleep, the makeup is not suitable and much more. To keep all that well needed some Ways to Prevent Acne Come Back Naturally and the following will be mentioned as many as seventeen powerful ways for it to see well and do. May your face always be protected from acne that will come to the face.

How to Prevent Acne

1. Cleaning the face

Should if you do not want to get acne problem then you should prevent acne arises diligently cleaning the face.

How many times?

At a minimum you clean your face in the bath twice a day and when will sleep.

How to Clean

Avoid using rough towels to wipe your face. You should use your hands to wash your face with soap and choose a soft baby towel. Note also about the cleanliness of the towels you wear. If the towel used is not clean, then the germs are horned sticking up front that causes the occurrence of acne.

2. Use a moisturizer

You are also advised to use a moisturizer that is suitable for skin type. But if you do not know the type of skin you should use a moisturizer that is appropriate for all skin types. If you use a moisturizer, then the skin will be protected from ultraviolet. For that choose that contains anti UV.

3. Use acne medicine

If you have a problem with acne, then use acne medicine that is sold free in the drug store without drugs from the doctor. But if you want to use natural way to overcome the acne, then please apply the pure honey to the whole or the affected part of acne only.

4. Makeup to taste (Avoid makeup if you can)

It is better if you are more selective in choosing to make up with attention to the chemical content that is in the makeup. Do not choose cheap makeup but will only damage the face with acne that arises in the future. But it is better to use a good makeup though a little expensive. If you are just at home, just use makeup sufficiently not too much. Useful for resting your face from everyday makeup wear.

5. Watch your hair

If your hair is long and has bangs that cause diarrhea around the pimples, then get rid of bangs. Start to care about the shampoo and conditioner you use. Try to choose which makes the hair becomes soft and does not cause acne diarrhea bangs. With soft hair and smooth addition to making hair more healthy also avoid the occurrence of inflammation of the skin that causes acne.

6. Do not hold hands too often

Avoid contact between hands and face because it can trigger the occurrence of acne. Especially for your hands are not clean or have a sensitive face type. This can lead to acne. Wash your hands if you will hold your face and avoid pushing faces affected by acne. If the face there is a pimple try to heal first then you can use makeup.

7. Avoid Exposure to direct sunlight

Another thing that can cause acne is a face that is unprotected and directly exposed to the sun. For that, you can use sunscreen that helps to protect the sun. You can protect your face from hats, veils or masks. These tools in addition to protecting your face from the sun also protect themselves from acidic vehicles that may just affect our face.

8. Avoid consumption of fast food

It's good to consume healthy foods such as fiber from fruits and vegetables. This food keeps you from acne. But if you consume lots of fast food, chocolate and chips will make a face become acne quickly.

9. Diligent sport

Do not underestimate that exercise is only to nourish the internal organs only. Regular exercise can help prevent and prevent acne.

10. Avoid Stress

It's a good idea to calm your mind and avoid stress. Stress can be easily and is one of the triggers of stress.

11. Diligently consult a dermatologist

You can visit a salon that provides dermatologist services. In this way will help you ask your face to keep it smooth and clean and free from acne.

12. Many consume water

With plenty of water drinking, it will help you to dissolve the oils and fats that are in the body. The face and digestion become healthy which affects the round face as well as the acne.

13. Use a natural mask

You can treat yourself especially the face so as not to breakouts do not have to go to the salon. You can use your cover from natural ingredients such as by using puked. As for how to create a cover that smooths the blended avocado. Then you can mix it with olive oil to smooth the face. If you want to tighten the face just stay or add egg white in it.


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14. Regular breaks

You can take acts to prevent acne by keeping the break more regularly. With a daily break of eight hours a day, will make your body and face become more fit. Avoid sleeping late and staying up late because it causes the face to become dull, spotty and panda eyes.

15. Positive thinking

You should also make your mind more confident every day. With always positive thinking will help you overcome the problem of acne and a dull face.

16. Maintain a balanced diet

Eating food is sometimes we want a greasy or even often invite acne. But it's good if you keep a balanced diet. With a balanced nutrition will prevent the occurrence of acne that may be special.

17. Provide acne medicine

It's good when there is acne that arises immediately using acne medications that have been available. Do not wait until protracted because it can cause inflammation and 's hard to cure. Can also cause acne scars on your face.

18. Avoid using tight helmet/head cover (narrow face)

Friction if using a tight helmet will make skin allergies, and one of the causes of acne is very dangerous.

19. Hormone Injection

The hormone is one cause of acne that can not be avoided, but the last alternative to prevention is by surgery or hormone injections. It can be used to reduce the hormones that result in excessive acne on the face.

Once you know about the 19 Ways to Prevent Acne Come Back Naturally, it is good if you are doing that every day on a regular basis. By regularly using and doing so the face becomes protected and clean from the presence of acne. Consult this way to your doctor so that the results obtained can be maximized. How to prevent the occurrence of acne, you can make a guide if you do not want to be a victim of acne.

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