• Decorating a Baby Shower

    Easy and Fun Ideas for Decorating a Baby Shower

    Don’t break the bank—or your back!—when you’re hosting a baby shower. Diane Warner, the author of “Diane Warner’s Complete Book of Baby Showers,” has ideas for simple and affordable ways to decorating a baby shower get your party looking festive. (So you can save your cash to buy that new bundle of joy a super-cute gift!) Flowers Celebrate the pretty-as-a-posy mom-to-be by decorating your digs with fresh flowers. You can order arrangements from a florist or get crafty and save some cash by making them yourself. Plus your flower arrangements can double as door prizes for guests! Balloons Nothing screams “PARTY” like a bunch of balloons! Warner recommends using them…

  • Dentists diagnose, prevent and treat tooth problems

    Dentists Diagnose, Prevent and Treat Tooth Problems

    Dentists diagnose, prevent and treat tooth problems – Dentists fight tooth decay. They have a tough job, but it is essential for healthy teeth and gums. Most dentists have eight years of schooling after high school, making their job even more complex. Without them, tooth decay would run rampant. Many times people, especially children, dread going to the dentist. They may simply fail to realize all the important jobs that dentists fulfill. True that the sound of that drill makes anyone cringe, but it prevents a lot of future pain and discomfort. Dentists diagnose, prevent and treat tooth problems. They fill cavities, remove decay, examine x-rays and seal, protect and…

  • easy baby shower favors

    Easy Baby Shower Favors

    Easy Baby Shower Favors - You don’t want to send baby shower guests home empty-handed, but you also don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on party favors. Good news—you don’t have to! Diane Warner, the author of “Diane Warner’s Complete Book of Baby Showers,” has a few creative, do-it-yourself ideas to say “merci” to your mama to be guests. Baby Bottles Filled With Candy Purchase small plastic baby bottles and fill them with candies such as jelly beans. Tie a ribbon around the top of each cylinder. Lollipops Place one great candy at each place setting. Tie a ribbon around the neck of each lollipop. Miniature Flower…

  • Morning sickness remedies

    Best Morning Sickness Remedies

    Morning sickness remedies has a way of turning even the most excited and glowing pregnant woman into a nauseated mess who spends hours hunched over the toilet. Fun! But don’t despair: There are some tried-and-true things pregnant mamas can do to keep the upchucks in check. Potato Chips and Lemonade Bet you never thought that anyone would recommend that you snack on potato chips when pregnant and wash them down with sugary lemonade, but something about the salty-and-sour combo has been known to stave off nausea. Lucky you! Lavender or Lemon Oil Buy a small vial of lavender or lemon oil and dab a bit on your wrists whenever you…

  • chlamydia test
    Chlamydia Symptoms

    Banish the Doubt Once and For All Through Chlamydia Test

    Through your body fluid like urine and swab samples from your genitals, the presence of a sexually transmitted disease or STD called Chlamydia can be detected. Chlamydia is the most common bacterial STD in the United States and is caused by the bacteria Chlamydia trachomatis. Because you can trick into believing that you are clean and free as there are no symptoms at times, it is better to have yourself diagnosed by a doctor. A Chlamydia test is done to see if you are at risk for being infected. Also, if you are feeling some sensation, especially in your genital area, you should definitely have this to confirm your condition.…

  • Home Chlamydia Inspection UK

    At Home Chlamydia Inspection UK

    We'll send a urine collection kit to you so that you can accumulate a tiny sample of urine and send it off for testing. We offer a completely secret lab evaluation of your urine to test for genital Chlamydia trachomatis. The largest independent accredited provider of clinical laboratory diagnostic services in the UK conducts the test and is the same test as your doctor would order for you if you supplied a urine sample there. The evaluation is completely diagnostic, in other words no other info is necessary to be certain that you have not got Chlamydia or have. Should I have a Chlamydia Evaluation? You have had unprotected sex…

  • Perfect Gross Facts About Giving Birth

    Perfect Gross Facts About Giving Birth

    You heard a million times how becoming a mother is the most beautiful experience in the world (so true!). And you were also warned that childbirth hurts like a monster trucker blazing out of your vajayjay (again, so true!). But there are also some particularly gross and downright disgusting details that friends, doctors and midwives neglect to mention. So we’re doing our sisterhood duty and sharing the techiest birth stuff we went through. (And we pinky swear it’s all true!) Dear mamas-to-be: Don’t say we didn’t warn you! Postpartum Bleeding I had no idea how much postpartum bleeding and guck would be coming out of my hoo-ha after giving birth.…

  • Natural Ways to Induce Labor at Home Naturally

    Natural Ways to Induce Labor at Home Naturally

    By the end of pregnancy, you might be willing to do anything to kick-start labor. But the fact is, that baby’s coming when that baby’s ready and no one—not even your OB—knows exactly how or why labor begins (even if your BFF swears it was Thai food!). Still, it’s fun to hear the old wives’ tricks for evicting your reluctant tenant … even if there’s no real proof they work. Here are some of the most-talked-about Natural Ways to Induce Labor at Home Naturally. P.S. No matter how desperate you are, talk to your doc before you try ANY at-home trick to start labor! Have Sex This one has the…

  • Frequent Urination as Pregnancy Symptoms

    Frequent Urination as Pregnancy Symptoms

    Now that you’re knocked up does it seem like you’re in the bathroom ALL THE TIME? You’re not alone! Having frequent urination as pregnancy symptoms caused by the increase in blood in your bed, which in turn increases all the fluids inside of you … including pee. What’s worse? As baby grows he or she is putting pressure on your bladder which makes you have to go, go even more! The reason you have to pee even more at night than during the day is that when you lie down, the fluid from your legs and feet moves back into your blood and hits your bladder just when you’re trying…