• How to Overcome Acne with Chili Leaves

    How to Overcome Acne with Chili Leaves

    How to Overcome Acne with Chili Leaves How to Overcome Acne with Chili Leaves - Acne is one of the most feared skin problems, primarily by teenagers. How come? This one skin problem arises around the face and is often experienced by teenagers. There is even a saying that the appearance of acne is one of the signs of puberty. In fact, not all acne appears as a sign of puberty. But many factors can trigger acne. One of them is due to excess oil production, bacterial infection, hormonal factors or lack of maintaining facial hygiene. Whatever the exact cause of acne will be very irritating and make the confidence disappear.…

  • How to Treat Acne with Olive Oil


    How to Treat Acne with Olive Oil How to Treat Acne with Olive Oil - Acne is a skin problem that we often experience from time to time. Although it has been lost acne always leaves a scar that is even worse and will disrupt the appearance. Face full of acne will undoubtedly upset the presence can also reduce the confidence. Many young people even adults today may be worried about acne problems. Especially a variety of cosmetic products that try not to give results and only makes the acne worse. However, you do not have to worry. This time you can do  How to Treat Acne with Olive Oil.…

  • Easy Ways to Eliminate Acne with Cucumber

    Easy Ways to Eliminate Acne with Cucumber

    Easy Ways to Eliminate Acne with Cucumber How to Easily Eliminate Acne with Cucumber - Cucumber or cucumber is a type of plant from the family Cucumis sativus or pumpkin family. The yellowish-green fruit is a vegetable that can be eaten without in the process. In this cucumber contains diuretic properties, cooling effects, and cleansers that are very beneficial to the skin. The various ingredients in this cucumber make it an essential part of skin care. Cucumber juice is commonly used on the face mask is very efficacious to tighten the skin. Also, caffeic acid and ascorbic acid in cucumbers can also increase the rate of water retention. So it…

  • How-to-Treat-Acne-with-Guava-Leaf


    HOW TO TREAT ACNE WITH GUAVA LEAVES How to Treat Acne with Guava Leaf - Acne is a condition that affects the skin with the appearance of spots on some parts of the body such as face, neck, back or chest. This condition is very annoying sometimes also acne makes us not confident. In general, acne on the face is caused by dust. Where dust is contaminated with oil glands that serve to produce oil on the face to keep the face moist. However, excessive gland becomes one of the factors causing acne. Beauty and skin hygiene is the main thing. So no wonder most people are willing to do…

  • How to Eliminate Acne with Mint Leaf


    How to Eliminate Acne with Mint Leaves How to Eliminate Acne with Mint Leaf - Mint or peppermint leaves have been used for various medicines since the first. Mint leaves are the most planted species in Europe. Mint leaves are well known as the main ingredient in hot and potent beverages to relieve abdominal pain as well as ideal for relieving headaches. Besides, some experts say that mint leaves have nutritious antioxidant substances to overcome various facial skin problems. One of them can overcome the problem of acne. To treat the beauty of the face, usually, you are more willing to spend more in the salon-renowned salon to beautify your…

  • Passive Smokers During Pregnancy

    Have You quit Becoming Passive Smokers During Pregnancy?

    Passive Smokers During Pregnancy In this article, we will talk about passive smokers during pregnancy. Pregnant women feel that they never smoked, so no need to worry about problems caused by cigarettes in pregnant women and the fetus. Though often pregnant women are not aware of the dangers of indirect cigarette in active smokers, even in passive smokers will have the same effect on active smokers. Do you know cigarette smoke exposure can affect the development of your pregnancy? Passive smokers are those who inhale cigarette smoke even though he is not a smoker. Passive smoking categories can be experienced by children, adults who are not smoking at all or…

  • The Process Detail of Pregnancy

    The Process Detail of Pregnancy

    The Process Detail of Pregnancy The process detail of pregnancy - When a woman has sexual intercourse with a man, she may become pregnant (the occurrence of pregnancy ). Pregnancy occurs when the sperm cells that enter the uterus of a woman fertilize a mature ovum. An average male secretes 3 cc of semen, and every 1 cc of normal semen will contain about 100 million to 120 million sperm cells. After the semen is ejaculated into the base of the wife's genital tract, millions of these sperm cells will run across the uterine cavity, also scrambling to reach the mature egg that is in the fallopian tubes across the…

  • Prevent Hemorrhoids While Pregnant

    Tips to Prevent Hemorrhoids While Pregnant

    Prevent Hemorrhoids While Pregnant In this article, we are going to talk about how to Prevent Hemorrhoids While Pregnant. Firstly, Hemorrhoids (Hemorrhoid) is the dilation of blood vessels behind (venous) due to the dam at the top of the rectum (usually called varicose veins). There are two types of hemorrhoids namely internal (place inside) and external (the place is outside the rectum and can be touched). In pregnancy due to blood containment behind the stomach by the fetus, then for pregnant women who have suffered from hemorrhoids, will be able to relapse and often torture during pregnancy. Mainly when the delivery process, the hemorrhoids are more significant, even the internal…

  • Causes of Teenage Acne

    Understanding What Causes of Teenage Acne?

    Causes of Teenage Acne Here we gonna talk about causes of teenage acne, when the early teen years, boys and girls are at higher risk for acne breakouts, during the oil glands in your body start over-producing sebum (skin oil that could resemble grease). Continuing to the dilemma of your body sheds, dead skin cells regularly and some people have “sticky” skin cells that don't drop they usually just remain attached to the skin. In people who have acne, these excess skin cells mix with the oil and plug up the hair follicles. Acne Myths There are myths are floating around out there about causes of teenage acne. Let's straighten some…

  • Is Your Makeup Causing Acne

    Is Your Makeup Causing Acne?

    Is Your Makeup Causing Acne? Makeup is very closed with women's lives, but also sometimes makeup makes problem to women's face. For example, is acne. There is a question: Is Your Makeup Causing Acne?  Many women with acne do not realize that the makeup they are using is making their acne worse. No matter how many acne remedies you try, if you do not use the right kind of makeup properly, your makeup will sabotage your efforts for clear skin. Below are some tips about makeup that every acne sufferer should follow: Never sleep in your makeup. It is essential that you wash your face thoroughly before going to bed. Sleeping with…