22 Foods that Cause of Acne On The Face Comes Up

Foods that Cause of Acne

Foods that cause of acne - Small, if it shows up, You know what is that? Yes, that's acne. The appearance of acne is disconcerting, not to mention the pain that is felt when the acne began to mature.

Acne problems complained of by many people, whether male or female. But there is also a cover up his disappointment because his face is spotty by saying face without acne like a starless sky. The statement is only an alibi. Because in fact, acne is not a facial decorator, not the same as the star as a decorator of the sky. Imagine a sky full of stars, must be beautiful. But if the face is full of acne? Imagine yourself yes.

Cause of Acne Factors

Many factors that affect the appearance of acne on the face. Acne may appear due to internal factors such as stress and hormones. Usually, the condition of instability in self-will triggers the appearance of acne. Besides, acne on the face can also appear indeed because of hormones or heredity.

Foods Cause Acne

As for so, there is a cause of acne that comes from outside that is from food. The 22 foods that cause of acne on the face appears this may be some people already know. But there are still many who do not know and realize that one of the foods that are often consumed is the cause of acne on his face appears. Here the author will share a little information about the 20 foods that cause the appearance of acne.

  1. Fried chicken. If you think maybe many do not accept that fried chicken is one of the foods that cause the appearance of acne. But here's the fact, that consuming fried chicken can often supply oil and fat into the body. Excess supply of fat and added to the body's hard digestible oil is carried away by blood which is then used to form new skin cells. As a result, not a beautiful new skin that is formed. But acne.
  2. Donuts. Unfortunately, it turns out this delicious food on the list of foods that cause the appearance of acne. Donuts proved to cause acne because donuts go through the process of frying and much to absorb the oil. Oil consumed in donut meat in that produces food, it has many fans, it became one of the causes of spotty foods on the face.
  3. French fries. Similar to donuts, French fries are one of the causes of acne because it goes through a process of frying and absorbing lots of oil.
  4. Instance noodles. This food must also include many fans. If you are spotty and often consume these foods. Try to stop, maybe this instant noodle that you often consume this to be one of the 20 foods that cause acne on the face appears. Instant noodles, besides, contain preservatives also contain high saturated fats. Fats and preservatives are hard to digest body can be buried in all parts of the body, not to mention the face that causes the appearance of acne.
  5. Chocolate. Brown in addition to being able to relax it can also trigger acne on the face. High sugar content in chocolate can make the immune system becomes decreased so that bacteria from outside is easy to infect and cause acne.
  6. Candy. Almost the same as chocolate, candy is also a cause of acne because of high sugar content.
  7. Ice cream. Food is so melted in the mouth is in addition to being able to make the mind more relaxed it also became one of the causes of spotty foods. Same thing with chocolate, sugar content in this ice cream is what makes the ice as the reason for the appearance of acne.
  8. Cereals. Snacks are usually a menu when breakfast this morning also became one of the causes of the appearance of facial acne. Because of what? Because Cereal is also one of the foods that contain high sugar.
  9. Biscuits. Biscuits are also one of the foods that cause the appearance of acne on the face because biscuits also have high sugar levels.
  10. Pasta. Pasta is almost the same as the noodle instances that contain fat and preservatives. And fat and preservatives that cause the appearance of acne on the face.
  11. Pork. Pig meat is already very famous to contain high fat. That's why pigs are included in the list of foods that cause the appearance of acne. Selan is a fatty acid, and omega six contained in pork can also make the skin become inflamed if the substance is included in the body with excessive amounts.
  12. Food made from Coffee. Unique coffee flavor sometimes likes to be a mixture of food. Indeed coffee has the benefit to make the body more fresh and not sleepy. All that because coffee contains caffeine, and it turns caffeine in coffee can cause acne. Plus coffee keeps the eyes awake so that sleep patterns are irregular, and therefore acne can grow more fertile.
  13. Food made from black tea. In addition to coffee, black tea also contains caffeine. The caffeine contained in black tea can trigger the production of adrenaline hormone which, if in excessive amounts can trigger stress that became the source of acne.
  14. Dairy foods. Milk has become one of the beverages that can be a mixture of various processed foods such as cakes, biscuits, and others. Eating foods that contain high levels of milk often turns out to trigger acne appearance.
  15. Dairy foods into one of the 20 foods that cause acne on the face appear on the face because milk can disrupt the work of hormones in the body.
  16. Yogurt. Dairy products this one also has the same weakness as milk that is messing up hormone work in the body. This unstable work hormone makes the skin glands unable to fight bacteria, and acne appears.
  17. Cheese . Cheese is also a dairy food that is widely used in various foods and cakes. Not much different from milk and yogurt, cheese can also disrupt the work of hormones. And added cheese picked high sugar levels that can lower the immune system.
  18. White rice. White rice has carbohydrates and sugar is greater than red rice. Excessive carbohydrates and sugar can cause acne on the face, in addition to causing diabetes.
  19. White bread. White bread made from rice has content that is almost no different from the rice, namely, carbohydrates and sugar. And just as with rice, white bread can also trigger acne on the face.
  20. Ham cheeseburger. Cheese and meat on a ham cheeseburger are a complete blend of milk and fat. As mentioned above that milk and fat can be a trigger of acne on the face.
  21. Pudding. Puddings that usually contain fat coconut milk are also able to invite acne. Besides, the high sugar content in the pudding also makes dessert in the 20 foods that cause acne on the face appears.
  22. Nuts. Although, it turns out, that nuts are not the primary cause of acne, but you should notice that excessive consumption will be hazardous. Nuts contain fat that can cause excessive oily coolies that can ultimately have an impact on acne.

Well, that's the 22 foods that cause of acne that you should avoid, do not ever try the food is excessive if you do not want to expose to acne, especially acne stone.

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