3 Acceptable Methods of Removing Moles

Moles are natural growths seen on every human skin although there are people who would prefer getting rid of it through any natural or clinical way because of how it appears on the skin. There are at least three acceptable methods of removing moles namely – shaving or full excision, laser surgery, and electrocautery.

Shaving or full excision

Shaving is a procedure that needs the mole and the surrounding skin to be surgically removed through anesthetic injection. Anesthesia tends to numb the site for surgery and render the mole to be raised at a level that will make it easier for the surgeon to remove it. Once the anesthesia is already making its mark by making the skin feel no pain, a scalpel will be used to slice off the mole and a bit of tissues surrounding it. Once it is sliced off, the wound will be cauterized to prevent bleeding from continuing.

On the other hand, full excision is excising the growth and adjacent tissues including portions of subcutaneous tissues underneath it. Edges of the skin are stitched together so that tissues will be given time to naturally attached themselves and heal. This kind of technique will leave the incision line which the surgeon tries to minimize.

These two kinds of methods for removal can leave hidden cells underneath the skin that may result to another skin growth of the mole on the same spot where it was excised. For patients who have fear in the sight of bleeding or low pain tolerance, this kind of procedure is not that suitable.

Laser Surgery

This procedure is considered as one of the cleanest and most sophisticated work of clinical art although, this is also one of the most expensive and selective processes that one can opt to choose. Selective in a way that only flat growth is allowed to utilize this kind of procedure. For growths which are raised, it is quite impossible to go with this procedure because the light waves that are released from the laser won’t be able to penetrate deep into the skin tissue to pronounce a satisfactory job. For the procedure to be considered as successful, it must not leave any kind of mark or scar on the skin. This will depend on the person’s skin qualification to produce the good results.


This is more advisable for skin tags and warts but is not commonly advised to mole removal although it might work by using heat in order to burn the mole from the skin. This is not a popular method because of the painful effects on the skin and forms of scarring to the skin. Several treatments are needed to finally remove the mole and not just through electrocautery.

What are the advantages of mole removal?

1. If you’re a guy and you have a mole on your chin or anywhere on your face where facial hair grows, then it would be more beneficial if the mole be removed than being scraped every time a blade runs through it. If growths tend to protrude, it will be quite painful if it was rubbed against ornaments or clothing.

2. Mole removal can help you achieve a skin that’s clean and smooth which can greatly influence a good physical appearance of the person giving him or her a higher level of self-esteem.

3. Extracted moles lessen the chances of a person getting skin cancer, melanoma.

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