3 Unique Products to Oral Hygiene and to Avoid Tartar

3 unique products to oral hygiene and to avoid tartar

Every day, there is a growth of plaque in our mouth, due to various enzymes like saliva, sweets and other fluids. When this plaque is not properly and regularly removed it hardens to tartar. Good oral hygiene practice helps in the removal of plaque. This hard substance cannot be removed by mere brushing. It deposits on the teeth, between the layers of teeth and gum, which relatively leads to severe gum disease.

Various companies and brands include distinct ingredients in the toothpaste to remove or prevent from the accumulation of the tartar deposits on the tooth. Some of the chemical compounds are pyrophosphates and zinc citrate. These two have proven effective in the task. Some brands add an antibiotic named triclosan, which in turns destroy the bacteria causing plaque.

Generally, the toothpaste which has numerous anti-plaque agents in a single formulation seems to be the effective method to control the growth of tartar, then a single specialized formula in a paste.

3 Unique Products to Oral Hygiene and to Avoid Tartar:

Sensitive tooth products
When you possess a sensitive tooth, all the toothpaste may not be applicable to you. Usually, sensitive tooth causes irritation when you intake hot, cool or sweet substances. There is special toothpaste that is meant for the sensitive tooth and they consist of potassium nitrate or strontium chloride. These types of toothpaste can give you relief, after the continuous use of 4 weeks. It blocks the ways where the teeth are attached to the nerves and reduce the sensitivity.

Whitening products
People feel confident with their white teeth. To appeal to this target, the toothpaste companies have introduced the whitening toothpaste that can be used daily. It is wrongly predicted that this toothpaste consists of bleaches, but they consist of abrasive particles or chemicals which are included to polish the teeth and acts to remove the stains from the surface of the tooth.

There is a common thought that these abrasive products in the toothpaste might damage the tooth. Instead, there are various studies that mention that these are not hard on the enamel of the tooth, like the other variety of toothpaste.

Fluoride products
Fluoride is a natural mineral which helps in the reduction of tooth decay and cavity. The importance of fluoride is realized and used for 5 decades. Fluoride protects the tooth from the acids and enzymes that are released during the formation of plaque. It makes the enamel stronger to act against the damages caused by plaque and it remineralizes the places that are in the initial stages of decay. Generally, fluoride toothpaste removes the tartar and improves the content of fluoride in the teeth. Reap out complete oral hygiene with the fluoride toothpaste, dental-friendly mineral toothpaste.

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