4 Important Things About Pregnancy Nausea

Pregnancy nausea is the pits. We totally agree. Nearly three quarters of all pregnant women suffer from it and they’d all agree too. But did you know there are actually some positives to the barfilicious pregnancy symptom? Hard to believe, but it’s true! Here are 4 good things about pregnancy nausea:

  • It may protect your baby! The current wisdom believes that morning sickness is actually a positive genetic trait evolved to protect the baby from toxins. When a preggy lady is exposed to something that might be dangerous to her babe, she experiences pregnancy nausea and therefore avoids that food or drink. We know, you’re thinking, “Then why do chickpeas make me feel ill, they’re not dangerous?” Hey, it’s just a theory! But there is a strong correlation between the toxicity of the food and whether it makes a pregnant woman nauseous or not.
  • It may protect you! Not only does morning sickness protect the fetus, experts say it’s also good for the mom! (How can hanging your head over a toilet be good for you? Read on!) Preggy ladies have suppressed immune systems, so the same theory—that pregnancy nausea makes you avoid toxins—holds here. A lot of pregnant women have adverse reactions to animal products. The bacteria in fish, meat and poultry can be particularly harmful to pregnant women. So the pregnancy nausea you experience when faced with a chicken leg is natures’ way of protecting you!
  • It lowers your chance of miscarriage! Studies have shown that women who suffer from pregnancy nausea and vomiting have about a 30% less chance of miscarrying.
  • And the best things about pregnancy nausea? If you’re suffering from it, it means you’re PREGNANT! Which means you’re going to have a baby! Which means you’re going to be a mama! Congrats!

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