5 Myths About Sex That Most People Think That’s Right

Myths About Sex That Most People Think That's Right

Sex, something familiar to the ears and done by almost all adults in the world. However, not necessarily our knowledge of sex, everything is right. Perhaps, there are some myths like below, which we still believe as facts.

Myth: Sex burns many calories
Fact: Experts estimate that thirty minutes of sex activity only burns 85-150 calories. Theoretically, you need to burn about 3,500 calories to be able to lose a pound of body weight (0.45 Kg). So, if you burn 100 calories each time you have sex, you just lose about half a kilogram during sex for the 35th time. The problem is most people do not have sex for thirty minutes, but less. In fact, the most significant increase in heart rate and blood occurs about fifteen seconds during orgasm, and then your body system immediately returns to normal.

Myth: There is a difference of 10 years regarding peak sexuality between women and men
Fact: The male testosterone peak occurs around the age of 18, but the female estrogen level peaks in the mid-20s. Low hormone levels are associated with little sex drive. Some people say, when hormone levels are at the highest level, sex appetite also exists at a high level. However, if we believe the frequency of sex to be the most critical factor when we are at the peak of sexuality, then there is no difference between men and women. Sexual desire continues to fluctuate and is associated with many factors other than age. As long as you live, you will feel sexual desire and activity that range many times.

Myth: Sex can cause heart attacks
Fact: Indeed, sexual activity is often associated with a healthy heart. In one study, men who had sex twice a week or more had a lower risk of cardiovascular disease. In healthy people, the risk of having a heart attack during sex is also very low. Framingham Heart Study says, men who do not have diabetes or smoking, have a chance of heart attack during sex, one in a million!

Myth: Use socks when having sex
Fact: A study in the Netherlands performed brain scans in men and women as their partners attempted to make them orgasmic. They had sex in a pampered room, and the study participants complained about the discomfort because their legs felt cold. When participants are given socks to keep their feet warm, they are significantly more able to reach orgasm. So, encourage you to wear socks when having sex in a cold room, not a myth.

Myth: Oysters and chocolate can increase sexual desire
Fact: No study has ever directly evaluated the effects of oysters on one's sexual desire. Oysters do contain zinc minerals, which are needed for healthy sperm formation but do not find any impact on increased sexual arousal.

Some studies show that chocolate may help lower blood pressure. It may also affect the blood flow to the penis so that the penis can erect better. Also, chocolate can also stimulate the release of small amounts of phenylethylamine and serotonin to increase mood. People who have a good feeling, known to do a more sexual activity.

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