7 Best Individual Dental Insurance No Waiting Period

Best Individual Dental Insurance No Waiting Period

Best individual dental insurance no waiting period is the alternative for those who do not want to get any cover from the employer's plan. Buying personal dental insurance comes with the nasty surprise, especially when you sign up, the waiting period.

If you think that you need dental coverage, there are some ways to get the waiting time sounds better.
Below is the list of best individual dental insurance no waiting period you can try.

1. Choose Preferred Provider Organization (PPO)

PPO does not come with a waiting period. It refers to a dentist in the insurer's network. The advantage is you van visit one of them. Even it can cover non-participating practitioners in different degrees and rates.

You can take Blue Cross Shield with their plan named BlueCare. They do not come with a waiting period, especially for their non-surgical procedures and preventative services. Another example is United Healthcare's United Health One. However, it requires a little time to wait for major surgical treatments as well as restorative work.

2. Spirit Dental

Spirit Dental, one unique company, provides full coverage for many classes of service without waiting period. Depending on your state of residence, a waiting period may be required by orthodontia.
Coverage is subject to state regulations and varies by state.

3. Denali Dental

Another company without any waiting periods for just about any services is Denali.
Rates vary by state and the state where you reside regulates coverage.

4. Physicians Mutual

In case your home is in an area where dental care is inexpensive and/or major dental procedures are rarely required by you, you might want to consider plans.

The police don't have any waiting period for three months of basic care, preventative care and 12 months for major care.

5. Delta Dental

You can join Delta’s PPO Direct and PPO Direct Plus plans that come with no waiting periods for both the Type 1 diagnostic and the preventative services such as the exams, X-rays, and cleaning. They provide Type 1 services that are 100% covered.

The Type II service requires a basic process such as fillings and extractions with six-month of waiting period with the coverage about 70%.

The last is the Type III services with several procedures such as crowns and dentures that make you need to wait for 12 to 24 months with the coverage around 30%.

6. Humana

The dental plan depends by state. One state can be different from another. Several plans, there come with no waiting period for any services. Others need a six-month of the waiting period, including for fillings and basic oral surgery.

The immediate coverage is what they offer if you join the HumanaOne Dental Loyalty Plus. It does not come with a waiting period for oral surgery. They provide this service with the lowest coverage amounts and percentages at the beginning and gradually higher in each year until reaching the maximum in the year three.

7. Cigna

They provide 100% of in-network coverage for cleanings, X-rays, and exams without any waiting period. The service has no deductible, too. However, if you take basic restorative procedures, you must wait for a six-month. Major restoration service is also available, but you must wait for a year. The waiting periods are waived if you can show the acceptable proof of your previous dental insurance. They also provide the $1,000-lifetime orthodontia for one-time $50 deductible.

It is possible for you to find more options for best individual dental insurance no waiting period by using a dental insurance search engine. It means you must enter your age and the ZIP code to get the list of plans available around your area.

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