About Assurant Insurance Company

Assurant Insurance Company consists of four smaller businesses. These include Employee Benefits, Solutions, Special Property, and Health. The company not only partners itself to its clients to provide services more effectively, it also has incorporated itself thoroughly within the U.S and international markets. The company withholds more than $50 billion worth of assets and an annual net income of $7 billion. The company's headquarters is located in the New York financial district, in the U.S.

Assurant provides its customers with a large number of Health insurance services. All of the services are unique, giving customers better coverage and security when and where they need it. Assurant can do this because of its predominance of specialty businesses, which happen to be the leading insurance providers within the market.

Products And Services That Are Provided By Assurant Health Include:

1. Health and small employer group health insurance
2. Debt protection and assistance
3. Credit-based insurance, for warranties and service contracts
4. Group dental, life, and disability insurance
5. Funded funeral insurance
6. Manufactured and creditor-placed homeowners insurance

Offices for Assurant are located in Des Moines, Iowa, Woodbury, Minnesota, and in Syracuse, New York. These offices look to support their superior companies, assisting in managing financial and human resources, policy administration, and informational technology.

Family and Individual Plans

For people who do not have insurance provided for them by an employer, Assurant individual plans work greatly for them. For families, Assurant offers quality health insurance, not only being reliable, but flexible. Assurant provides a vast amount of options to its customers, allowing the customer to only get the services that they want, applying innovative ways to better services and make things much more simple. For family and individual insurance plans, Assurant can offer:

1. Lifetime benefits, not to exceed $8 million
2. No referrals are needed for attention
3. Coverage when and where the customer needs it
4. It's customers the option of who can provide them with services needed

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