Acne Scar Treatment

How are acne scars formed?

Acne Scar Treatment - Scars according to the language sense means a mark that is left on the skin after a surgical incision. In such cases, the normal functional tissue is replaced by connective tissue. But in the case of acne, scars are caused due to the inflammation of the skin when the bacteria, dead cells and the excess sebum is removed from the skin.

Even if the acne disappears, a spot or a patch still remains on the skin. This spot causes discoloration of the skin and gives un-impressionability look. There are two types of acne scars. A. Pitted scars. B. Pigmented scars. The pitted scars are in the form of tiny holes and they occur when the skin has damaged. The pigmented scars remain when the acne is already cleared up. The pigmented scars are in the form of red or brown spots.

When the person attempts to remove acne either by pinching or squeezing it a scar is left behind. Usually, when a person is severely developing acne, he or she tries to remove it forcefully. Hence a spot or a permanent mark still remains on the skin. Usually, a person cannot get rid of his scars easily. Normally, he may require at least twelve months to heal. But some people develop such severe scars that they cannot heal their scar during the lifetime.

Treatment of acne scars

Yet, mild acne scars can be treated. The natural herbs or extracts are used to heal the acne scars as they yield very quick results. Possibly try to use natural extracts to treat acne scars:

  1. Sandalwood is the most effective medicine as provided by most of the medical experts. Mix the paste of sandalwood into the rosewater and apply it to the scars. Let it remain on the skin for the whole night and rinse your face with water in the morning.
  2. Use ice cubes and gently rub it on your face. The pores that are wide open, close or tighten.
  3. Take a tomato slice and rub it on your skin to the affected areas.
  4. You can also use cucumber juice to make the skin texture smoother.
  5. The two ingredients that have a powerful healing effect are Sage and Aloe Vera. You can apply Aloe Vera directly to the skin and dip the Sage into the hot water and let the water cool. Then you can apply Sage to the skin.
  6. If you want to clear all the spots present in the skin, then use Apple cider vinegar. Do not use toners but use only this ingredient.

Acne Scars, Of Course, look ugly and if they are reduced to a large extent also, the face appearance becomes much better. There are many medications available today, even for the people who are suffering from severe acne scars. You consult your dermatologist to know the severity of the acne and the kind of treatment that should be availed.

The treatment of mild acne scars is very easy. Mild bleaching creams can be used to treat mild acne. If these creams are not producing any effect, the doctor will prescribe even stronger acne creams. If you are using mild acne creams, then you can notice the effect within six months. But yet, you are not noticing any dramatic effect, then start using stronger creams. If these creams are not working out, then the doctor will recommend you to use retinoid creams.

If you have developed mild acne scars, then you can treat them at home only. But they will not help you to prevent acne scars permanently.

Home remedies for acne scars

There are many types of natural remedies for acne scars. You can experiment them at home only even without paying any amount to the doctor.

  1. Drink plenty of water daily and wash your face at least two to three times a day. Water removes all the dead cells present in the skin and renews new skin. Since ages, acne scars are healed due to water.
  2. Instead of eating junk food or fast food every day consume a lot of fruits and vegetables daily.
  3. Lemon contains a substance known as citric acid and it is a part of AHAs group. It is a very effective form of treatment. The dead cells present in the skin are shed off very quickly and new cells appear in place of those cells. If you apply lemon juice to the skin, your skin also becomes elastic and soft.
  4. Protein is an essential requirement to the body. the skin cells are rebuilt in the body with the help of protein content. If you consume food that is rich in proteins then, your body can easily fight against the impurities that enter the body. some of the foods that are rich in proteins are fish, chicken, tofu, cereals, pulses and green vegetables.
  5. Use cosmetic products that contain rosehip seed oil because it helps in preventing acne scarring, facial scarring, surgical scarring, burn marks etc. Rosehip seed oil is available in the form of oil also and it should be massaged at least two times in a day to prevent acne scars.
  6. Lavender oil produces a gentle effect to the skin as it contains regenerative characteristics.

Many people confuse macules with scars. Macules remain on the skin after the treatment of severe acne. Macules usually remain for eight to ten months and scars may remain permanently. Macules disappear completely usually after a period of eight to ten months. Most of the people undergo skin remodeling to completely get rid of acne scars. Scars do not disappear naturally.

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