Artificial Insemination and Infertility

There is nothing more hopeless than trying hard every month to conceive a baby and getting no results. If you are in the same situation, take heart as you are not alone. Infertility today is affecting around 15 % of the total population. This percentage means that one out of every seven couple is having some infertility problem.

There are different causes of infertility which includes

  • Blockage in the fallopian tubes
  • Ovulation problems
  • Endometriosis
  • Infertility in males
  • Unexplained infertility

Whenever an infertile couple sees the doctor both partners have to go through a detailed evaluation. This evaluation includes an X-ray with the help of the dye to check the fallopian tubes for any blockage, the hormonal level to evaluate the ovulation and the semen analysis of the male partner to check the motility of sperms.

If in case both partners are presumed fertile after the thorough evaluation the artificial insemination may be carried out as there can be some anatomic defect in either partner. This defect may be the abnormal positioning of the urethral opening (hypospadias) in the male partner or in women it can be the abnormal position of the cervix.

Artificial insemination is the process in which the sperm is injected into the woman's vagina at the opening of the cervix. In a few complicated cases, the sperms are placed directly into the uterus bypassing the cervix.

Artificial insemination also becomes essential in some sexual dysfunctions. If in case the male partner is infertile but the female is fertile the artificial insemination can still be carried out using a donor sperm. It is essential that a donor sperm should be thoroughly screened for the sexually transmitted disease like HIV, syphilis, herpes, Chlamydia, hepatitis B, and gonorrhea. The freezing of the sperms decreases the likelihood of certain infections.

Artificial insemination has been in practice for about 200 years. Since 1990 its popularity is on the increase. A carefully collected data says that thirty thousand babies are being born annually using this Artificial insemination.

Artificial insemination is the simplest solution for the infertile couples to have the baby. However, the attached psychological and emotional issues should not be taken lightly. The man may have the guilt feeling that the child which they are raising is not biologically their own.

The infertile couples who decide to have artificial insemination normally are not supported by the most of the people. In fact, there are certain religious groups which have the belief that if the artificial insemination is carried out with the help of donor sperm, this is equivalent to adultery. This is the reason that sometimes most of the couples do not disclose this fact that they are having artificial insemination for their close friends and relatives.

There are some legal questions also attached to this artificial insemination that is not yet answered. Few courts in England, the United States, and Canada have apprehended that artificial insemination is illegal. Still, there are some courts which are of the view that if the husband agrees to the artificial insemination, he has the full obligatory duties to support the child. Few states are trying to approve a full code of ethics to clear the legal position of these artificially inseminated children. But still, it requires further legislation.

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