How To Avoid Toxoplasma from Cats While Pregnant

How To Avoid Toxoplasma from Cats While Pregnant

Pregnancy is good news for every married woman. But so many women don't have knowledge about How To Avoid Toxoplasma from Cats While Pregnant. Whatever the presence of a baby in the middle of the ark of the household that was coached along with the couple, will always complete the happiness. That is why many couples will do many ways to be able to realize the dream of pregnancy immediately.

The pregnancy that you can finally reach should be maintained and cared for properly. Because of the birth of a healthy baby is determined by how good a woman performs a pregnancy treatment.

Pregnant women undoubtedly have many questions during pregnancy. This concern occurs only for the sake of maintaining the health of the fetus in the stomach always to be well preserved. One of the most asked questions during pregnancy is How To Avoid Toxoplasma from Cats While Pregnant.

Can play cat when pregnant? The answer is yes allowed. If you keep or play a cat during pregnancy, and the myth will have a negative impact on pregnancy. So let us refer to some of the information below.

Toxoplasma In Cats

During pregnancy, there are many restrictions that should not be done by pregnant women. It is done to maintain health and safety of fetal growth in the womb. Including you may have heard of a ban on playing with cats because cats can carry harmful parasites to babies.

This statement is true. It's just that there are things that need to be correctly aligned. Because in fact, the toxoplasmosis parasite in the cat is the primary source of transmission comes from cat feces.

In addition, the first risk that can affect pregnant women who play cats during pregnancy is exposed to toxoplasma. The effect of this parasite is the risk of congenital disabilities in a severe infant. The type of disability that may occur in infants is damage to the eyes or brain defects in the fetus.

Transmission of Toxoplasma from Cats

Transmission of the toxoplasma parasite from a cat actually will happen if you are less alert in paying attention to the cleanliness of cats. Or maybe when the cat's cage is not kept hygienically.

The transmission of these parasites can occur through hand contact with impurities. The next one will accidentally enter the mouth to enter the body cavity and cause infection.

For that, for those of you who have a cat at home and there are people pregnant in it. So the activity of playing with the cat is not forbidden to do. It's just that you pay close attention to the cleanliness of cats and all the things that are around, including with the cat's cage itself.

Also, the actual transmission of Toxoplasma parasites will occur for one to five days. If you are clean it before it lasts for 24 hours after cat feces is removed. So, it will be able to prevent toxoplasmosis into the body of pregnant women who will be ready to lead danger.

How Big is the Risk of Toxoplasma Due to Playing with Cats While Pregnant?

Recorded only about 15% of fertile women are immune to exposure to toxoplasmosis parasites. These data are summarized by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The number of women infected with this one infection during pregnancy remains small. Also, not all infections have an impact on pregnancy.

In fact, if you are infected with toxoplasma in the first trimester of pregnancy. So the fetus will only be at risk of this impact about 15%. However, if you are exposed to this infection in the second trimester, then this risk will be twice as much. Once the multiples that occur in the third trimester which influence will be much higher.

How To Avoid Toxoplasma from Cats While Pregnant

Just because of your pregnancy, does not mean pregnant people are forbidden to play with cats. Especially if you are a cat lover, who cannot be far from your pet cat. But to reduce the risk of Toxoplasma parasite infection to your pregnancy. So some valuable information below you needs to take a good look.

Ask Others to Clean the Cat Cage

As has been explained above that the transmission of toxoplasmosis from cats to pregnant women can occur from cat feces or unclean cats. Well, related to cleaning cat kennels and cat litter. Then you should not do it alone.

Better ask someone else for help doing this. Because the cat exposure to hand contact and other body parts will tend to be at risk. Besides, when cleaned, it is best to stay away from this section and wait until the cat's cage is cleaned evenly.

Make Sure Your Cat Does not Eat Any Food

In this part is one of the answers to the question How To Avoid Toxoplasma from Cats While Pregnant. So make sure your cat does not eat any food.

Make sure he only eats food purchased at a particular store. Or make sure your cat just eats the leftover home food that is cooked properly. Also, avoid eating red meat for your cat.

Keep the Cat Stay at Home

Cats that often roam out of the house will be more likely they interact with other wild animals. It could be if the animal is expected to have the potential to spread toxoplasma parasite into the body. For that, then make sure you do not let your cat roam out of the house.

Or if indeed the cat already out of the house, then make sure when the cat is cleaned first before you make contact with it. Also, also ask others to do this, so you are not exposed to the risk of Toxoplasma transmission into the body.

Keep Cats Out of the Food You Eat

To avoid the risk of transmission of toxoplasmosis parasites during pregnancy make sure your cat does not eat or touch the food you eat. The foods that they contact will probably be contaminated with bacteria, including with toxoplasma. For that, avoid your cat in the kitchen or at your dining table.

Instead, limit the movement of cats in the house. You can only play with your cat near the cage or in a particular room such as your home page just. It will minimize the spread of toxoplasmosis to keep this condition from happening.

Wash hands after playing with cats

Although toxoplasmosis parasites rarely appear from cat hair. However, this is not always possible to be sure of. For that, then pay attention to this issue so as not to happen and turn out to be wrong. Make sure you always wash and clean your hands every time you play and interact with your cat.

Use soap and clean hands until it gets hidden. If necessary, clean hands up to the arm to ensure transmission of parasites does not occur that will be able to harm the health of the fetus in your womb. Yes, after reading the article above hopefully we know about How To Avoid Toxoplasma from Cats While Pregnant.

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