Baby massage basics

For babies, this sense of touch is of chief importance. It's significant to cherish our children's skin, assuring that we offer them a well-developed sense of touch and solid emotional core in which they feel caressed and loved. Baby massage gives the parent a unique technique to help children develop a sense of touch, emotional base and sense of well-being. Baby massage kit has guided the parents through an infant's massage. Research advises the benefits to infant massage which includes more parental and baby bonding, which fortifies a baby's immune system, relieves colic and gas and enhances the baby's sleep.

The baby massage kit includes a sumptuous, hooded blanket; lavender-scented, Vitamin E- and chamomile-enriched massage oil; as well as an instructional, picture book with tips for getting a daily routine.

To Parents

  • It connects the parent very deeply with the baby.
  • It empowers the parent, as it gives means by which the parent becomes an expert in responding to baby's special needs.
  • It aids parents to feel confident in the ability to do something positive in helping with the total development of the child.

For Babies

  • More frequent sleep patterns.
  • Babies learn to relax their bodies.

According to premature baby massage article research, almost half a million premature babies are born in the United States each year. Infants born weighing about five pounds have steadily amplified since 1984. Every year we learn much more about the impact that pre-maturity has on the infant and family through premature baby massage article research. Over the years, we learned that premature infants are at higher risk for long-term developmental and medical problems, such as chronic lung disease, poor growth, feeding dilemmas, cerebral palsy and learning disabilities.

Techniques of Baby Massage

Baby massage classes are held over four to five weeks. This slowly builds up the massage routine to fi t the baby's pace. All the techniques are demonstrated and described fully by Ann on a doll, as the parents massage their babies, in baby massage classes.

Usually if the baby is asleep or moody, a doll will be supplied for practice. Yoga-style exercises are introduced near the completion of the course. This helps to encourage the baby's development and it becomes ready for crawling as it strengthens their backs.

Various Medical Systems for Baby Massage

It's vital to start from the moment of birth. The parent can get more in depth after the fourth week. A Baby-Massage workshop can be a part of the program for the first six or seven months as the baby will benefit from a frequent massage. It never ends there and it needs to be nurtured.

A baby massage gallery has proven benefits for the bodies and minds of babies. Physical contact makes the baby feel safe and is a wonderful way to communicate with your baby through the baby massage gallery, filled with oils and lotions. It also improv es circulation, which helps to ease little aches and pains. This makes it a fun .

Precautions Needed When Massaging the Baby

We are also developing a better understanding through baby massage research. It helps us to understand of the greater risk that infants have.

A baby massage and mother-with-baby interaction of depressed mothers, are organized by a baby massage rese arch group. Mothers with postnatal depression usually have a worse relationship with their infants. The aim of this baby massage research was to find whether a program of attending mother and baby massage classes would be beneficial.
Available Products and Comparisons

Anyone can do baby-massage because it comes naturally. You don't need special skills for the sense of touch. It has been perceived in human embryos. Though eyes and ears are still forming, the skin sensitivity is already developed.

Baby Massage for Dummies is a book that can help parents to understand the fundamentals in baby massages. Baby Massage for Dummies is written by Joanne Bagsha and is available online and in most bookstore chains for $16.99.

If a parent needs more than just a book, he or she can also purchase or rent a baby massage DVD which can show the fundamentals, technique and benefits in a baby massage. The baby massage DVD is available online and in most bookstore chains.

Baby massage is gaining lots of prominence day after day. It has two benefits. Firstly it helps in making the babies to relax and see to that they don't cry unnecessarily. Secondly it can improve the health of the baby (both physical and mental). However one needs to understand the fact that he or she has to be very careful when handling the babies as most of their organs are very fragile and delicate. Therefore one must also bear in mind that they should not try baby massage if they are not confident of handing the baby properly.

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