Baby Strollers – Everything You Should Know

Baby Strollers

A baby stroller is one of the biggest expenses in having a baby. There is a baffling array of them on the market and there are tricks you will pick up that will make using a baby stroller easier. Together, they are the essential knowledge about baby strollers that every parent needs to know.


First, in choosing a stroller, you must get one which both your baby and you will be comfortable with. Nothing is more important than your baby’s safety and comfort. That said, to get the right stroller that will suit your needs and last for a while, you also need to consider how easy it is to use and transport and whether it is flexible (for instance transforming into a car seat or carrycot).

If you don’t know what you are looking for, and have not considered the factors above, you can spend ages looking for a stroller and never finding what you need. One of the first things you need to think about is whether the stroller is safe and stable. Is it sturdy, even when the baby is moving around in the stroller and it is loaded down with the ever-important diaper bag and perhaps even some shopping?


You need to take a look at the harness system. Children soon grow inquisitive and get to squirming around. A five-point harness system is best for keeping them safe and secure. It also worked well to support the more floppy bodies of infants too.


Next, have a look at the stroller handles. Does it adjust so people of different heights can push it? You don’t want your six-foot-tall husband to have an excuse to get out of his pushing duties, do you?

Necessary Extras

Good baby strollers will come with a sun canopy and a rain hood. You may have to use the stroller in all weathers so be prepared for that. However, be aware that these accessories can be bought later to add to the stroller so don’t necessarily let the lack of one of these features deter you from buying a good value stroller.

One thing you cannot compromise on is whether the stroller folds. It has to! A stroller which won’t fit into your car is of no use to you. Preferably, find a stroller that folds with one hand so you can hold your baby at the same time.

Stroller travel systems are great. These incorporate a standard stroller with an infant seat that removes from the frame. That means you won’t have to wake up your sleeping baby to get them into the car. Just think of all the tears you’ll save. It serves as a standard stroller for older babies.

If you have twins or babies with a small age gap between them you may want a double stroller, but an easier solution may be to clip two single strollers together. That way, you can also use the baby strollers separately when you want to.

It’s really important to try out a stroller before you buy it. Walk normally with it. Walk quickly with it. Make sure it doesn’t trip you up. Check that it fits in your car.

Think long-term, too. Children aren’t known for being clean. Your stroller will soon get dirty. You should look for one with removable seat covers which are easy to wash.

How much do baby strollers cost? They can regularly run you about $200-$300. That sounds like a lot, but if you are a busy parent with lots of little ones, that stroller may be a lifesaver!

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