Basil Crops to Overcome Acne

Basil Crops to Overcome Acne - Acne is a lump arising from the blockage of inflammation in the skin that often makes people not confident.One of the causes of acne problem is actually very much. Among them ranging from bacterial infections, excessive use of makeup, oily skin, hormonal imbalances to an unhealthy diet.

Facial skin beauty is a priority for every woman. So various ways are done even they have to spend some money as a treatment to be free from acne. However, it is very unfortunate at this time many people are tempted by the instant way of chemicals. Yet the way it will affect in the future.

Well, for those of you who currently complain of acne should do the treatment in a natural way. Because there are still many ways you can do to get rid of acne. One of the ingredients you can use is the leaves of the basil plant. As we already know that basil leaves are commonly used for mixed food ingredients as well as to get basil leaves is easy.

Basil leaves or has the latin name Ocimum basilicum has a softer fragrance resembling the scent of limes. However, not many people who know the benefits of basil leaves, in addition to being used as ingredients and vegetables, it turns out very potent basil leaves to overcome stubborn acne. Because in the basil leaves there are nutrients that can fight acne bacteria to reduce the effects of excess oil on the face.

Where in basil leaves contain vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin B. Not only that, some other effective ingredients such as antiseptic in basil leaves are able to cure acne quickly. So that the antiseptic content in it works directly to remove various bacteria to facilitate blood circulation in the skin.

How to make a traditional herb from basil leaves:

This way you can make a natural mask before bed, but before doing so you must wash your face cleanly. The ingredients needed to make a concoction of basil leaves are 120 grams of basil leaves and 230 ml of hot water.

How to make :

  • the first step, mash a few pieces of basil leaves brewed with hot water while stirring out.
  • Then cool, after the cold squeeze back and strain and then save the water for the bottle. In order to stay durable should store in the refrigerator
  • Use the ingredients with cotton swabs, then apply to the face of acne as a mask before bed.

Well, that's how to Basil Crops to Overcome Acne that you can apply, has banya proving that basil leaves proven to eliminate acne stubborn. Hopefully, this post can be your acne solution, good luck and thank you.

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