Best Diet for Fibromyalgia

Best Diet for Fibromyalgia

Our diet program is one of the things we have total control over. Food is our medicine! For centuries people relied on food as a way of curing illness.

What is the Best Diet for Fibromyalgia?

Our body is a well-oiled machine; we need to treat it with more respect than filling it with junk food and expecting it to run smoothly. Heck if we put cheap fatty or watered down gas in our vehicles it wouldn't take it long to break down, would it? ‘ Yet we expect our body to run on processed meats, excess fat and very little vitamins and minerals.

So what is the best fibromyalgia diet?

First, forget fad diets. Forget dieting altogether. That word just conjures up low fat, low carb, low calorie, eliminating right wholesome foods because someone says they will make you fat. The truth is the best fibromyalgia diet is a lifestyle change. Adopt this new way of doing things and don’t think of it as being on a diet.

Forget fast foods and processed food.Learn to navigate the grocery store. Avoid central aisles as much as possible. Your grocery shopping should be 80% the outer aisles and the other 20% for necessities in the primary corridors.

Yes, almost every grocery store sets out their stock in this manner. Dairy, fresh fish, poultry and meats, fresh vegetables and bread are all in the outer aisle of the store.

They do this to make you navigate the entire store to grab your necessities. The theory is, and it does work, that you will collect more items and specials that aren’t on your grocery list, as you navigate every aisle, hence spend more money.

The best diet for fibromyalgia is right whole foods:

* Fresh fruit

* Magnesium rich vegetables full of anti-oxidants

* Fresh meats full of iron and zinc and protein,

* Limit grains and fortified cereals – grains may be a trigger for you to eliminate, add back slowly and watch for symptoms!

* Reduce or eliminate bakery goods and sweet things

* Eliminate artificial sweeteners

* Avoid sugar through a little honey is right for you, honey has fantastic healing properties!

* Limit juices, eat whole fruits instead

* Avoid caffeine – tea, coffee, chocolate, sodas

* Nuts -eat a handful of assorted nuts daily

* Vitamin D or daily walks in sunshine

* Oil of Oregano – wild

* Red meats once or twice a week for high iron and zinc content

* Drink plenty of water

* Limit salicylates in household goods, medications, toothpaste, mouthwash, mint flavoring and much more. Read labels! Salicylates block absorption of valuable vitamins and minerals.

There are supplements you will be adding to the above list, but this is a general guide to get you started.

Breaking any habit is hard and making a lifestyle change for the better is worth the effort. Do not try to change everything all at once. Make small gradual changes, and these changes will indeed become the best diet for fibromyalgia ever!

Weight gain is a common fibro problem as we cannot get out and about as much as we used to. The best fibromyalgia diet will include plenty of good wholesome homemade soups and broths which are filling and low in calories.

These are best made by making your stock utilizing whole chickens and bone-in meats. The marrow from the bones will help lubricate and oil your joints!

Food indeed is our medicine, and I shall be adding some great recipes and information on other good-for-you foods that will help to heal your fibromyalgia pain and symptoms naturally.

The best diet for fibromyalgia may sound like hard work, but it indeed isn’t! I will be showing you ways to eat healthily with minimal effort!

Your body deserves something pleasant to work with to ease your symptoms of fibromyalgia. Commit to a more healthier lifestyle today!

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