When is the best moment for a child?

When is the best moment for a child?

The term age is also related to the planning of pregnancy. When is the best moment for a child? Exactly no one can say because everyone feels different. Some women in the twenties know it's time to become a mother and do not think any other maternal instincts in the thirties. Is there any definite and inappropriate time for conception at all? And what is the risk of pregnancy at a later age?

When is the best moment for a child?

If we focus on biology, the age of 35 is considered the breakthrough. Near-forties, experts say the reproductive function is much faster, the number of eggs decreases, and the number of cycles that cannot get pregnant is increasing. However, there are no exceptions even when young, twenty-year-old women have a problem with conception. In recent years, this trend has grown. On the contrary, at the age of 16-18, it is still too early. From a psychological and physiological point of view. Much more often these premature mothers are pregnant, but the course of pregnancy is calm and well.

Biologically the best time for the first child between 20 and 29 years. However, there is also a statement that it is between 27-34 years. Most fertile are women aged 24 and 25 years. They have the highest chance of bringing a healthy baby. In each cycle, you have a 50% chance of becoming involved within 30 years. The likelihood of genetic defects, premature birth or miscarriage is also low. And we must not forget about artificial fertilization. Here, the younger the woman, the higher the chance.

Higher age brings more risks.

If you belong to the category of women over 35 who want to have a baby, you do not want to. Not every pregnancy is considered as risky. You can not tell how your pregnancy will look like by age. In general, however, pregnancy in older generation carries specific health risks. Which are they?

  • Kidney problems - These are swelling, high blood pressure and protein in the urine. This complication is quite severe, and the pregnant woman needs to be carefully monitored. It can also cause damage to the mother's kidneys, so it is sometimes necessary to undergo premature labor.
  • The occurrence of the so- hypertrophy - the baby is not nourished by the placenta as it should
  • Chromosome disorders - Down syndrome and other diseases are the more common
  • Higher risk of miscarriages

Pregnancy in older age has not only harmful but also a big plus. It is shown that at a later age pregnancy protects women from ovarian cancer more than young women. Older mothers are also more balanced and quieter, have a specific background, have some practice, and usually have some financial security. They enjoy more maternity and do not solve different situations as much as younger moms.

When to buy siblings?

You already have one child and would like to buy your siblings. And now there is another question. When is the ideal time for a second child? According to psychologists, the perfect difference is 2-3 years. Every age has its positives and negatives, and no perfect time exists.

If you throw your siblings early, and the difference between the children will be within two years, then you will have a fair amount of onslaught. The first child will still be tiny and indifferent to the baby. It's a significant age difference for kids. Children will win relatively soon, they can have the same interests, even if some jealousy is not avoided. In the case of a lower age difference, you can quickly get into a situation where you sometimes have to push the older child to the second college and devote yourself to the younger, and maybe you will be sorry.

However, if you are a type of mother who wants to dedicate enough to one child and when you grow up, just get another one, this concept is not right for you. There is a better option for you, where you can devote yourself to everyone and a little differently.

Five is too much

A few years wait, why not, but the interval longer than five years already brings some risks. According to experts, the uterus may not grow as it is, there is a higher risk of preeclampsia. Generally speaking, if you have had a problem in your first pregnancy, you may have to repeat it if you let it go for a long time. Your age is also crucial if you were expecting the first child, and it is better not to quit because the ability to conceive is diminished after thirty-five.

What will the second pregnancy look like?

Every pregnancy and birth are different. For the second and every other, you will probably sooner know that you are pregnant. Some symptoms will not be so perceptible. Your belly is likely to get worse before you feel the baby's movements before. You may not even experience it because you already know what you are going to do and you have to run around the firstborn, and you do not have the time. Delivery will be faster and more comfortable (but this is not a rule).

Is there an ideal time?

It is recommended to get pregnant from 18 to 23 months after the previous birth. But it is clear that it depends primarily on you how you feel if you want it or not. There may always be some complications and difficulties as well as a pregnancy without a single mistake. You have to determine yourself the right time. If you have a taste and there are no health complications, leave aside all statistics and go into it.

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