Best Morning Sickness Remedies

Morning sickness remedies has a way of turning even the most excited and glowing pregnant woman into a nauseated mess who spends hours hunched over the toilet. Fun! But don’t despair: There are some tried-and-true things pregnant mamas can do to keep the upchucks in check.

Potato Chips and Lemonade
Bet you never thought that anyone would recommend that you snack on potato chips when pregnant and wash them down with sugary lemonade, but something about the salty-and-sour combo has been known to stave off nausea. Lucky you!

Lavender or Lemon Oil
Buy a small vial of lavender or lemon oil and dab a bit on your wrists whenever you start to feel sick. A little aromatherapy can calm you and your stomach down in minutes.

Vitamin B6
While your prenatal vitamin is loaded up with tons of good stuff, studies have found an extra dose of B6 can help reduce nausea when pregnant. Be sure to check with your doctor for the correct dosage!

Snack on some candied ginger, ginger ale or even some gingersnaps. Doctors don’t know why, but this peppery spice has a way of soothing even the queasiest of stomachs.

Separate Liquids and Solids
Sure, you’re supposed to drink a full eight glasses of water a day, but no one said you had to drink them while you’re gobbling down lunch. Sometimes nausea can be avoided by skipping drinks with meals, and waiting at least an hour before or after eating to hit the water bottle.

Sea Bands
Sea sickness wristbands may not be the most attractive jewelry you’ve ever worn, but the acupressure cuffs can take away that ready-to-hurl feeling in less than 10 minutes.

Pre-pregnancy, you may have thought of carbs as the enemy to your waistline. But for treating morning sickness, they’re your best friend. Snack on crackers, toast or dry cereal for the fastest sick fix there is.

This non-prescription drug may taste terrible but it can sure cure a queasy stomach. It’s one of the only non-prescription anti-nausea drugs that doctors consider completely safe for pregnant and nursing women.

Pregnancy Margaritas
Sorry, mama, you can’t have a real one. Skip the tequila, and mix ice, water and a squirt of lemon juice in a blender to hydrate your body—morning sickness can be brought on by dehydration.

Unisom Sleep Tabs
When doxylamine (the drug in over-the-counter Unisom Sleep Tabs) is combined with vitamin B6, it has been found to reduce nausea and vomiting during pregnancy. That said, you MUST consult your doctor before taking this combo.

RX: Compazine and Phenergan
If you are seriously overwhelmed with barfiness, talk to your OB about prescribing Compazine or Phenergan to take the edge off of your pregnancy nausea. Although considered safe during pregnancy, there are some side effects, such as extreme drowsiness.

RX: Reglan, Zofran and Methylprednisolone
In very extreme cases (it even has a fancy medical term: hyperemesis gravidarium), doctors may prescribe a gastrostimulant like Reglan, an anti-nausea drug like Zofran (used for chemotherapy patients) or even a steroid, like methylprednisolone. These treatments are often the last resorts for pregnant mothers with morning sickness so severe that it causes them to lose lots of weight and become under-nourished. We really, really hope you don’t feel THIS bad.

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