Best Remedies for Diaper Rash

A diaper rash doesn't have to be grotesque to be considered severe. A diaper rash can be mild with redness or accompanied with bleeding sores. Parents do not have to settle for diaper rashes. The best diaper rash remedy is to prevent it. One diaper rash remedy is to make sure that the diaper is not too tight. Many parents feel that in order to cure diaper rash they have to lather the baby's bottom with heavy baby lotion or Vaseline every time. One step to cure for diaper rash is to treat it right away.

It is recommended to use 'baby wipes' to clean the baby in between diaper changes rather than soap and water. After using 'baby wipes' don't neglect to use a diaper rash lotion. If you decide to use baby powder, make sure that you use them sparingly because talc powder is known to be quite dangerous when it is inhaled.

One ingredient in a diaper rash recipe is to expose the baby's to room temperature as often as possible. When a baby's diaper needs to be changed, make sure that you change it immediately because this will cause dryness. By using these preventative measures, you can prevent bad diaper rash.

If you live in a humid climate, this will cause bad diaper rash. Bad diaper rash can be cured by using 'plantain leaves'. An effective diaper rash recipe can be made by crushing these leaves and using them to line your baby's diaper. You can purchase 'plantain leaves' at multi-cultural grocery stores or in Latino grocery stores.

One thing to look out for is redness which is considered the beginning stages of a rash. Many parents hope that it will eventually go away. In reality, when you ignore visible symptoms on your baby's skin, don't take it likely because it will likely evolve into a more serious issue such as a blistery diaper rash. If a bad diaper rash is left untreated it will eventually turn into a yeast infection which can be quite painful for your baby. If you think that your child may have a yeast infection, contact your pediatrician. Your pediatrician will prescribe an ointment to soothe your child's bad diaper rash and help you to heal the infection.

If your baby is in need of a diaper rash severe treatment, ask your pediatrician to prescribe an antifungal ointment or recommend an antifungal cream. If your doctor prescribes a diaper rash severe treatment or a steroid antifungal cream, use it sparingly because the steroid can lead to serious side effects such as thinning of the skin.

To help ease your child's bad diaper rash pain, apply light diaper rash lotion and try to keep it exposed. Purchase any diaper rash cream. If your child develops a painful blister rash follow the same steps of bad diaper rash pain. If the blister rash does not improve contact your pediatrician for further instructions.

If you use disposable diapers, it is recommended to peel off the plastic covering and fasten a cloth diaper around it. Your baby's diaper or disposable diaper should be wrapped in a way such that it prevents leaking and allows air to enter through the same time. If you live in a very dry climate, make sure that your baby's skin is kept moist. Chapped skin is prone to diaper rash.

Remedies for Diaper Rash

It is a good idea to use diaper rash lotion or an ointment which will create a blockage from harmful elements. One type of diaper rash lotion that is recommended to help prevent diaper rash is cocoa butter which can be purchased at pharmacy, beauty supply store and in grocery stores. It is recommended to take a small scoop of cocoa butter into a small microwavable bowl and warm it up for a few seconds. Make sure that you allow the cocoa butter to cool a little before testing on skin. It is advised that you test the temperature before placing on your baby's skin.

Diaper Tips That Help Prevent Diaper Rash

  • Treat a diaper rash with a diaper rash lotion
  • Use a 100% cotton cloth diaper or a waterproof flannel mattress pad as a changing station when you are away from home. When you are traveling, carry a small bottle of disinfectant cleaner or alcohol and use this to wipe the baby.
  • Treat diaper rash at the first signs. Don't allow it to get worse and turn into a bad diaper rash.

To find out further information on diaper rash prevention and diaper rash remedies, you may search the Internet or contact your pediatrician. If you take it lightly then you may not able to cure it in the later stage. This has to be ripped off like any other problem in the initial phase itself.

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