Can a Pregnant Program Started in a Depression Condition?

Can a Pregnant Program Started in a Depression Condition?

There is a question like this: Can a Pregnant Program Start in a Depression Condition? in this article will answer the important question above. Pregnancy would be something that many married couples want. The presence of a child in a household is not just a successor to the lineage of both parents. But more to the high compliment and grace that God gives to you and your spouse. No wonder if many people will be willing to do many things for the dream to rock the baby can be realized shortly.

Starting a pregnant program on a woman needs to be well prepared. Starting from the attention of nutrition, food intake until the mental and physical readiness of both husband and wife.

Couples who want to plan a pregnancy need far away from the name of stress or depression. It is because in general these two things will be closely related to the factors that determine fertility.

However, for some reason sometimes many couples who want to realize the dream of pregnancy immediately. Even at a mental moment, they are chaotic. Such as the emergence of depression or even high stress.

Then Can a Pregnant Program Start in a Depression Condition? Is it safe to impact and affect the fetus? Let's see reviews below.

Myth Or Fact Pregnancy and Becoming a Prospective Mother Will Relieve Depression?

Many people believe that pregnancy and dreams to be a mother candidate that can be realized shortly will be able to instill instincts in a person to be able to nurture and raise the baby with love and affection.

That way it can be a powerful depression medication for a woman in a state of considerable mental stress.

However, unfortunately, similar things do not apply to all expectant mothers.

A study conducted at the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) Center for Women's Health showed a data that as many as 20 percents of the number of women who tested depression with pregnancy, still show symptoms of depression during pregnancy. Even this condition is always experienced when the baby is born.

Some studies have proven that untreated depression will be very dangerous. Especially for the health of mothers and babies they contain.

Also, the level of stress and depression experienced by every woman, of course, vary depending on what kind of conditions and things that trigger it. Thus, we can not generalize that the pregnancy and the presence of the baby will be able to cure this one problem.

Thus, it should not be necessary to force yourself to follow a pregnant program when you are still in a state of high mental depression.

And it would be better if in this condition you put your health first by getting enough rest and overcome the problem of depression well. Suppose you can consult a doctor or maybe calm the mind for a moment and understand what makes you experience the current heavy mental feelings.

If necessary, see a psychologist or consult with a specialist psychiatrist. However, your health is a top priority to be able to live your life better.

The Effect of Depression on the Success of Pregnant Programs

In fact, until now it is not yet medically confident that the depression felt by a woman will be able to affect the difficulty of pregnancy. However, data from around the world that summarized that depression is closely related to fertility problems.

There is a theory that strongly supports, and it is believed that the effect of depression does make a woman becomes infertile. When we are depressed, the hormone levels in the body become unbalanced. And to get a successful pregnancy program. Usually, you are asked to maintain the balance of hormones in the body.

Not only that, the effect of depression will be bad enough for your lifestyle. For example, people who experience depression will tend to decrease appetite and difficulty sleeping at night. Or maybe the other way around, a person may be obese due to an unhealthy diet.

Even some modern depression sufferers more often spill their depression on the consumption of alcoholic beverages or smoking. Things like this will be able to complicate your pregnancy chances.

Also, the effects of depression will even kill the desire to relate to a partner. It will probably make intimate relationships with couples not well established. As a result, you and your spouse may often skip the detailed schedule. It is this that affects a lesser chance of pregnancy.

Influence of Depression on Maternal and Infant Health

If you finally get pregnant after following pregnancy program but still in the condition of depression. So usually your doctor will prescribe you an antidepressant. It is because depression that is not immediately given right treatment will probably be high risk for pregnancy lived by a mother.

Even in some cases, depression during pregnancy will affect fetal disability, premature birth or even fetal death in the womb or miscarriage.

The use of antidepressant drugs will indeed be safe as long as you use this medicine under the supervision of your doctor. Through the prescription given by the doctor then the dose and the dose will be adjusted to the health conditions and the fetus is in the mother's womb.

But unfortunately, even this still has the possibility that antidepressant medicines consumed may have side effects for both mother and baby. Although rare, the side effects of antidepressant medication during pregnancy can lead to the birth of babies with low body weight.

When Is The Best Time To Follow Pregnant Program?

Although it will be big enough risk, this does not mean that those who are depressed or have experienced depression are prohibited from joining the pregnant program. However, pregnancy is the most important wish of a wife in completing her married life.

So, you will be able to realize the dream to rock your baby. As long as the pregnancy program is done at the right time and time, then the chances of pregnancy will be healthy.

In this case, you only need to prioritize your health first. Instead of a headache thinking about the time of pregnancy. We recommend that you prioritize your depression treatment until it is entirely complete.

Because after you can treat depression experienced. So from then on, you have started to consider to follow the program pregnantly. In this way, the pregnancy will be able to walk smoothly without any significant concern from the impact of depression felt.

Thus some information that we can convey from the question: Can a Pregnant Program Start in a Depression Condition?. Hopefully, the information above will help you to get a good insight into pregnancy.

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