Can Pregnant Mom Perform Nursing?

Can Pregnant Mom Perform Nursing? Pregnant women who are still having children in the breastfeeding age, sometimes have problems with their breast milk. It is called tandem nursing. However, breastfeeding and pregnant at the same time is very likely to happen, and it can be done. The necessary thing is the mother should be careful of a few possibilities.

For breastfeeding mothers who have miscarried and premature delivery

For women who have a miscarriage or premature birth before, problems in breastfeeding could happen. They will be more sensitive to have a contraction in their uterus, so they need to have frequent doctor consultation.

Risk of breastfeeding and pregnant

Pregnant and breastfeeding at the same time can allow some risks. The most common risks are the changing of milk taste. Your baby will refuse your breast milk and choose to wean themselves. Besides, your nipples are often painful. Fatigue risk is the greatest danger. It is due to the amount of energy needed during pregnancy and lactation.

In addition to the risks that may arise, tandem nursing has benefits for both mother and child. The closeness between mother, older child, and the baby becomes stronger as they get their needs at the same time. However, the most important thing is the infant, and breastfeed children get the nutrition which is necessary. Particularly, for children who are breastfeeding. In this growth phase, nutrients are indispensable for the optimal development.

The explanation above is the answer to the question Can Pregnant Mom Perform Nursing? Yes, they can do that at the same time.

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