Unexplained deaths of babies: Sudden infant death syndrome

To know more about what causes Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, doctors have to examine an infant’s dead body to ascertain the cause of death. When

Brains damage caused by shaking your baby

Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS) usually occur from shaking or hitting the head of an infant or small child. The signs of the shaken baby syndrome

Is your baby experiencing teething discomfort?

Some of the symptoms of teething, the gum is red and swollen. You may be able to feel the tooth through the gum. The cheeks

Baby Health: Hypoglycemia & Colic In Babies

It is not unusual for newborns/babies to suffer from Hypoglycemia & Colic. Read on to know about causes & symptoms of the same in the

Baby Care: Temperature in Babies

Tips to prevent overheating in an infant, baby’s reactions to change in temperature and detecting and dealing with fever and fits in newborns. Babies need

Parents on Intermediate Care Experience

Some babies do need the services of the NICU, but not all medical experts agree on this. There are several cases of babies found then

Babies’ Sleeping Position

Babies Sleeping Habit and SIDS When parents hear SIDS, it is really scary, and they may imagine many terrible things related to that. However, parents

Transitioning from NICU to a Crib

If your babies are born before the due date, your doctors are likely to place your babies in the incubator or radiant warmer. It is

Complications of Preterm Babies

You must have a lot of worries of your preterm babies. Being afraid of bad things may become your friend. When your babies get better

Oxygen for Babies at Home

Being born before their due date may cause some complications on your babies. One of those complications is dealing with your babies’ ability to breathe