How to Play with Tummies and Backs

Tummy or Back: Sleeping Time Unlike adults, babies cannot choose to sleep with their backs or tummies. Healthy babies are to sleep on their backs.

Get the Kids Sleep

Get the Kids Sleep: Babies Until about 6 months after birth, no babies sleep regularly. Newborn babies sleep about 16 to 17 hours in a

How to Do Burrito Wrap

Babies are born with the instinct of reflexes that cause them to fail their legs and arms, for example. Mommies need not worry to deal

Sleep Apnea Condition and the Treatment

There are many kinds of sleeping disturbance for a baby. One of the most common problems is the sleep apnea. It is happening to many

Normal Sleeping Pattern for baby

When they were first born, babies are helpless and powerless. They will need us to take care of them because he will spend most of

Suitable Sleeping Environment for Baby Safety

When you have a baby, every part of your house should be ready to accept him. Therefore, some adjustment must be made to make sure

Baby Teeth Treatment

As a parent, you certainly intend to know when your baby will begin to have a complete tooth. Since the age of two, the child

How to Reduce the SIDS Risks

SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) is a syndrome that causes the infant die suddenly, as the name suggests, usually because of suffocation, strangulation, or entrapment.

Down syndrome – Symptoms Causes Tests Diagnosis & Treatment

Down syndrome is an illness that claims a lot of people, but some people may wonder exactly what down syndrome is. There actually 3 types

Baby Acne – Symptoms Causes Tests Diagnosis & Treatment

Acne develops on babies skin as well as adults, most commonly you will find acne on a baby’s cheeks, chin, and forehead. It is very