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    Important Info about Signs of Chlamydia in Women

    Signs of Chlamydia in Women Wondering what signs of chlamydia may look like for women? It can be a problematic STD to recognize because up to 75 percent of women infected with chlamydia do not exhibit symptoms. It is why regular chlamydia testing is recommended for women who are sexually active. Because chlamydia is a severe STD with significant impact, you will want to know the signs of chlamydia in women, so you can watch for it between annual STD screenings. If you do exhibit symptoms, you will probably do so within one to 3 weeks of contracting chlamydia. While no one is happy to find out that chlamydia infects…

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    Getting a Feel of Evasive Chlamydia Symptoms

    Chlamydia Symptoms - The true number of Chlamydia cases may be different from the published and reported number. Under-reporting of the disease is inevitable because most people actually do not know they have it. Currently, it is one of the most frequently reported sexually transmitted disease in the United States. About 75% of the cases happened to people below age 25. Every year, there are around three million people in America who get infected with this disease. This is often more common in young women because their cervix has yet to develop. By the age of 30, about 50% of sexually active women have had Chlamydia at some points in…

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    Chlamydia Treatment through the Combined Force of Medication and Abstinence

    Chlamydia treatment - Sexual contacts have a climax, and so have sexually transmitted diseases or STDs. A common STD disease is Chlamydia, which is a bacterial infection of your genitals that you can catch through intercourse. The height of this disease is when you experience discharge from your penis or vagina and when you feel pain during urination. These are also signs that you need to see a doctor and ask your partner as well to do so. Chlamydia is a case of bacterial infection caused by the bacteria Chlamydia trachomatis. You may not know that you already have the disease because, at times, there are no symptoms to warn you…

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    Chlamydia Symptoms

    Beating the Silent Disease Chlamydia with Prevention

    Chlamydia with Prevention - Silence is war, and silent enemies are often the worst enemies. You may have it, but you don't know you do. This is the case with Chlamydia. It may not be as famous as cancers and epidemics, but it is definitely common, especially among teenagers. Chlamydia is a kind of sexually transmitted disease or STD that is caused by the Chlamydia trachomatis bacterium. This can infect your urethra, rectum, and other parts of your body, such as throat, eyes, liver and lungs. Because symptoms appear late and even no symptoms in some cases, Chlamydia has been branded the “silent disease”. Around 70-75% of infected women do…

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    When You are Doubting and Hurting, Check for Chlamydia Transmission

    Check for Chlamydia Transmission - A strong relationship is built on trust. This is true with all aspects of the partnership, especially when it comes to sex. If you've got only one sexual partner and you're feeling some unusual discharge or pain during urination, it is time to talk with your partner. Ask your partner if he or she has any sexually transmitted disease or STD. Being honest with each other about other sexual partners will also surely clear things up faster. Then, if your partner is not aware of having any STD, it is time to both go to the hospital and have yourselves tested. Chlamydia is caused by…

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    Chlamydia Symptoms

    Chlamydia Symptoms in Men: Detecting the Ego Crusher

    Fertility drugs over the years for a single chance of forming a baby. That was how your reproductive life has been. However, things seem all the more infertile now. You and your wife haven't had any success and you attribute this to smoking, alcohol, and stress. Now is also the time to break this and have yourself examined for the true reason behind it. There is a possibility that you could have Chlamydia symptoms in men. In the United States, more than 15% of the couples have difficulty producing a child. In this case, it is not just the woman who needs to be healthy. It takes two to tango…

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    Banish the Doubt Once and For All Through Chlamydia Test

    Through your body fluid like urine and swab samples from your genitals, the presence of a sexually transmitted disease or STD called Chlamydia can be detected. Chlamydia is the most common bacterial STD in the United States and is caused by the bacteria Chlamydia trachomatis. Because you can trick into believing that you are clean and free as there are no symptoms at times, it is better to have yourself diagnosed by a doctor. A Chlamydia test is done to see if you are at risk for being infected. Also, if you are feeling some sensation, especially in your genital area, you should definitely have this to confirm your condition.…

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    Chlamydia Pneumonia: The Strain that Strains Your Lungs and Heart

    Chlamydia Pneumonia Chlamydia pneumonia is unlike its cousins, trachomatous and psitacci which cause sexually transmitted disease or conjunctivitis, respectively. Although it is less famous, it can pose the greatest threat to your life. Compared to the other two, this kind of Chlamydia is more widespread. It does not cause STD, but a flu-like respiratory condition that can, unfortunately, develop into pneumonia. Commonly caught through coughs and sneezes, this bacteria can move into the walls of your blood vessels, stay there for years, and then generate immune reaction and inflammation often leading to strokes and heart attacks. If it progresses to pneumonia, your lungs are also inflamed and infected. Each year,…

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    Chlamydia is one of the most common sexually transmissible infection

    Chlamydia is one of the most common sexually transmissible infections (STIs), particularly among men and women aged between 15 and 25. Cause Chlamydia is caused by a bacterium called Chlamydia trachomatis. It can be caught and carried in the urethra, cervix, and rectum in women and in the penis and rectum in men. It can also be caught and carried in the throat by both men and women. Symptoms The majority of people with chlamydia experience no symptoms at all. Where symptoms are present, they can take some time to develop. Women with symptoms may experience one or all of the following: • Unusual vaginal discharge • A burning sensation…