What Causes Chlamydia? – a Disturbing Disease

What Causes Chlamydia?

Chlamydia is a common sexually transmitted disease. In recent years increasing numbers of young boys and girls are contracting this disease. In the USA alone 2.8 million people are affected by this disease every year.

What Causes Chlamydia? The disease is caused by a bacterium called Chlamydia trachomatis. The bugs live in the vaginal fluid of the girls and semen of boys. The germ is transmitted by sexual intercourse through vagina, mouth or anus.

The common symptom is a discharge of pus from the vagina or penis. Also, patients have burning pain while passing water. In some cases, these early symptoms may be very mild. And in 70% cases, there are no symptoms. Therefore, diagnosis sometimes is very difficult until it is late.

If not treated early it can cause complicated infections. In men, it can cause urine passage infection and epididymitis. And in women, it can cause infection of the cervix and spread inside the lower abdomen giving rise to pelvic inflammatory disease. In the long run, it may cause infertility.

In people who practice mouth and anal sex, the bug can cause infection of food passage and back passage. Also, newborn babies can get this infection from the mother and it can infect their eyes causing conjunctivitis.

Very often patients have Chlamydia along with other sexually transmitted diseases like gonorrhea, AIDS, etc.. What Causes Chlamydia? The causes of the present rise of this disease are multiple sexual partners, failure of using condoms, not maintaining proper hygiene etc.

The good thing is, this is a potentially curable disease. Usually, a fluid sample from the vagina or penis and urine sample is examined in the laboratory for detecting the bacteria. And a course of antibiotic for a week is sufficient to treat the disease.

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