Causes, Treatment, and Prevention for Teenagers Acne

Causes, Treatment, and Prevention for Teenagers Acne

Causes, Treatment, and Prevention for Teenagers Acne - One of the most upsetting times for teenagers while growing up is if they have problems with acne, some more than most. It is already a stressful time, what with reaching puberty, and the stress of hormones being all over the place. And in some cases for the parents themselves, not knowing whether their loving child is going to snap at them every time they talk to them. So it is a tough period for all to go through.

Acne could flare up for some teenagers more than others, because of everybody’s body is different. Some teenagers barely have any dilemmas at all, then the ones who suffer due to the acne coming at this hard time while growing up, it can sometimes hit a person’s spirit, as not everybody is nice at school or college.

What Causes, Treatment, and Prevention for Teenagers Acne?

The body, at the beginning of puberty, produces hormones called androgens. Unfortunately for the boys, they tend to produce more than the girls, in some cases severe. Obviously, growing from a boy into a man who one day will have to start shaving, it is these hair follicles that causes the pores of the skin to get blocked.

Through puberty, extra oil is produced. If you mix this with general dirt and dead skin, this combination can result in blocking the pores, and the reaction with bacteria causes redness, swelling, and in some cases, puss, which can be extremely sore.

A lot of people think that greasy fries and chocolate can make acne worse, which is not the case. But at this delicate time in a teenagers life, healthier options are probably a better choice. General hygiene is not necessarily to blame, but teens at this age can sometimes get a little bit relaxed on washing hands as much as they should or keeping finger nails clean, just like at some point in the day, hands always touch the face which spreads dirt.

How Can You Help Reduce Teen Acne?

Acne will no doubt to grow as the children getting older, so anything to help control the situation must make life easier. A daily routine is advisable for the teenager to get used to, which will ease the situation. If the teen is playing sports at a school where they sweat, make sure the skin is washed properly after playing.

Try not to use soaps that are perfumed; a mild one is far better for the skin. If choosing to exfoliate, use cream with small grains, otherwise something too harsh can scratch the skin, making the acne flare up, and in some cases, bleed.

For those with oily hair rather than a dry texture, try to wash the hair every day with a mild shampoo. Running the fingers through the hair, then touching the face can transfer oil to the face, again making the acne worse. If you’re serious about getting rid of Causes, Treatment, and Prevention for Teenagers Acne, then make sure you use one that is soft on the skin and is proven to work.

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