Causing of Early Pregnancy Factors and Risks

Causing of Early Pregnancy Factors and Risks

In this article will explain detailly about Causing of Early Pregnancy Factors and Risks. It is now rife with early pregnancy phenomena that add to infant and maternal mortality under the age of 18. The reason, a young teenager, is a very risky death when the process of pregnancy and childbirth than women aged 20 years and over.

Early marriage is now triggered by many things and is a testament to the lack of public awareness and knowledge of this. Of course, first marriage causes early pregnancy rates to rise. Several factors cause early pregnancy include the lack of biological knowledge about the risk of early pregnancy either children or the elderly, due to free sex, and so forth. Early pregnancy will have an impact on a woman's body changes such as a pelvis and a uterus that is certainly medically unprepared for fertilization.

Causing Early Pregnancy Factors

Of course, several things support a problem that occurs both external factors and external factors. Neither is the cause of early pregnancy. These Causing of Early Pregnancy Factors and Risks are very potent as a cause of early pregnancy. Some of the following factors can be said to be factors that contribute to early pregnancy:

  1. Lack of moral and religious education
  2. Tradition or customs of a region that strongly supports the
    occurrence of early marriage
  3. Lack of parental attention
  4. Lack of information on the health of reproductive organs and health
  5. Do not want to use a contraceptive
  6. Low formal and informal education
  7. Free sex and free sex
  8. The influence of alcohol and illegal drugs
  9. Poverty
  10. Domestic violence

There are also several factors according to WHO that cause early pregnancy, as follows:

1. Factors of poverty
Factors of poverty in developing countries areĀ possible to support early pregnancy. In low-income families, of course, have the opportunity to marry at a young age due to lack of income and daily living expenses. This condition requires a teenager to marry at his young age. So, that the parent's burden becomes lighter.

2. Intercourse and free sex
In addition to poverty, this factor is very triggering the occurrence of early pregnancy outside of marriage. The habit of association that there is no limit at all significantly enables teenagers to have free sex. Especially if under the influence of alcohol and illegal drugs. Teen age is very vulnerable to bad influences from outside let alone lack of moral education and strong religious principles.

3. Socio-Cultural Factors
In general, the standard age for marriage is 18 years. At this age, the uterus and the body of a woman are ready for reproduction. The fact in Indonesia, the legalized age for marriage by the law number 1 of 1974 on a wedding of article 7 is 16 years for women and 19 years for men. If you look at the age range, of course, age 16 years can be said to be too early to get married.

4. Education
Both formal education and informal education are very influential on the causes of early pregnancy. Lack of moral and religious education from parents is a factor of early marriage. This factor is also due to the lack of education in schools about information about reproductive problems and the result of promiscuity.

5. Sexual harassment
This factor is somewhat rough, but this became one of the causes of early pregnancy. Sexual harassment such as rape in addition to trauma for the victim, but also left a mark for the victim of pregnancy. For the victims of sexual harassment, this may be somewhat sad to accept that fact. See also: Beware of Disease In Pregnant Women

The risk of early pregnancy

Of course, early pregnancy has a substantial risk for the mother. Because of emotional first pregnant women are not stable and easily tense. Congenital disabilities may occur in the womb because the emergence of a sense of rejection when the mother contains the fetus.

Risks that arise either social or health factors significantly affect the potential for early pregnancy. Here are some of the risks and impacts of early pregnancy by health:

1. Maternal and infanthood
The first risk that is considered very high is the death of pregnant women at a young age. This risk is caused by the number of infections and bleeding during childbirth. Also, early pregnancy is very susceptible to miscarriage.

2. Easily Infected
Early childhood pregnancy is certainly very easily infected with various viruses caused by poor nutrition, excessive stress, and low economic levels. Virus diseases can quickly affect pregnant women at an early age because of the immune state of the body that has not been strong during pregnancy. So that early pregnant women often experience illness.

3. Pregnancy Poisoning (Gestosis)
The presence of an unfeasible reproductive apparatus and a uterus that is not ready for fertilization is a factor in the occurrence of pregnancy toxicity (restenosis). Toxicity in young pregnant women in the form of pre-eclampsia or eclampsia. Both types of toxins should be seriously considered because it will cause the risk of death in pregnant women at an early age.

4. Pregnancy anemia
The risk to early pregnant women the following can be spelled out internal factors. Anemia at the beginning of pregnant women is caused by a lack of sufficient knowledge of the nutritional and dietary problems required by the body. Apparently, during pregnancy, a woman's body needs adequate nutrition because the remaining food eaten by a pregnant mother will be passed on to her fetus to support growth. If iron deficiency, then sooner or later the body will often limp, and this factor becomes the trigger of pregnant women lose red blood cells. Of course, the condition will be fatal to the mother and fetus.

5. Premature labor or congenital abnormalities in infants
The risk of preterm labor or congenital disabilities is very undesirable for pregnant women. Because the baby is born prematurely will have congenital disabilities both in the development and growth of the baby. Abnormalities in babies born prematurely generally have low birth weight (LBW), congenital disabilities and slow growth and development. Mothers with early age are usually minimal knowledge of nutrition and nutrients needed by the body. Some even take medicines that do not fit the recipes of midwives or doctors.

6. Great bleeding
Early pregnancy range varies from bleeding caused by overexploitation of the uterine muscle during evolution. Bleeding can also be caused by a blood clot left in the uterus (membrane of stacked caps). The process of blood coagulation and is influenced by torn in the birth canal becomes the factor of the occurrence of bleeding in early pregnant women.

7. Birth process is old and difficult
Early childhood pregnancy would affect the length and difficulty of childbirth. This is caused by fetal abnormalities, training strength and pelvic abnormalities that are not ready to undergo the process of birth.

8. Alienation within society
Usually, a teenage mother who is pregnant at an early age outside of marriage will experience isolation from society. Then this will cause a sense of trauma and feel excluded from family and community. Making social connections in the community will be difficult.

Early Pregnancy Prevention

Preventing an early pregnancy from happening is the job of every society. Both internal factors and external factors in the community layer.

Internal factors originated from the family environment that became the beginning of the formation of a child's character. Of course, internal factors significantly affect the association of a child. Lack of moral and religious education in the family participates in the process of character building in children. The principle of religion applied by parents to their children becomes the determinant factor of intercourse of children out there. Moral education and strong religious principles will produce a child who, if adolescents will have strong laws.

Second, external factors are very susceptible to form behavior in children. Good environmental conditions will develop a person's personality is good as well, otherwise, the environment is not right very influential also in the formation of a severe character is also exceptional, if someone has the principle of moral and religion is very strong.

Free association is rife in this community of course brand large to the cause of early pregnancy. Of course, it is our duty to fight and prevent the occurrence of early marriage even early pregnancy.

Various ways we can do to prevent the occurrence of early pregnancy. However, the lack of cooperation in the community and the support of government becomes difficult to prevent early pregnancy. Here are some ways we can do to prevent early pregnancy, including:

1. The cultivation of moral education
This moral education can be installed in both family, school and community environment. These education concerns character education and religion that go hand in hand in characterizing children. It teaches morals on children not to get along as freely as possible that can trigger the occurrence of things that are not desirable. The role of parents in paying attention to the association of children is a major factor to prevent early pregnancy.

2. Changing people's traditions
At this point, early childhood pregnancy can be caused by the culture of a mildly mildewed society that is married young. The reason, this tradition allows teenagers to get married at a young age though. Because of the view that women will only take care of homes and children without any other role at all. This tradition requires that teenagers who may be spelled out still have to take education must marry younger first. Changing this culture is a must for all of us.

3. Use of Contraception
If you are married at an early age and have not been blessed with a child, So the use of contraception is beneficial. Delaying pregnancy until the time is ripe becomes a perfect way to prevent early pregnancy.

Thus things about Causing of Early Pregnancy Factors and Risks that can be done. Early marriage should we stop of course to prevent early pregnancy. It would be nice if you delayed the marriage first so that everything was properly organized both mentally and materially. Hopefully, the exposure we described above provides the best way for all of us to prevent early pregnancy. Probably useful!

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