Chlamydia Symptoms in Men: Detecting the Ego Crusher

Fertility drugs over the years for a single chance of forming a baby. That was how your reproductive life has been. However, things seem all the more infertile now. You and your wife haven't had any success and you attribute this to smoking, alcohol, and stress. Now is also the time to break this and have yourself examined for the true reason behind it. There is a possibility that you could have Chlamydia symptoms in men.

In the United States, more than 15% of the couples have difficulty producing a child. In this case, it is not just the woman who needs to be healthy. It takes two to tango and this means that the man also needs to be sure that he is not suffering from any kinds of a health condition, such as Chlamydia infection that may hinder their success.

Chlamydia symptoms in men are a kind of bacterial infection that you can get from intercourse. This may play a major role in your infertility problem. Because often, this disease does not show any evident symptoms, you may completely be unaware of its presence and damage. Although in some cases, there will be symptoms like whitish or cloudy, and watery discharge from the tip of your penis, painful sensation when urinating, and also swelling in your testicles.

This is considered the most common sexually transmitted disease in men as it can be easily transmitted through genital, oral or anal intercourse. Unprotected sex through these means could, of course, increase your chances of being at risk for this disease. This is also possible in sex between men.

When it comes to diagnosis, the methods are also the same as with diagnosis in women. Chlamydia symptoms in men can be detected through a urine screening test or through a swab sample of the insides of the penis. Also, Chlamydia treatment is also similar, through prescription antibiotics. Usually, while undergoing these treatments, you need to abstain from sex until you and your partner have completed the treatment.

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