Choose The Right Hair Loss Treatment Regimen

Hair Loss Treatment

Now that you have read the previous steps and know what to look for in a great hair loss treatment plan, let’s choose the plan that best fits your needs. We will first choose your foundation treatment and then build with a supplemental treatment to complement your foundation. All products mentioned have received 5-star ratings from their users.

Proven hair loss treatments include Propecia, Rogaine Foam, Laser Comb, Concealers and Nizoral Shampoo. Let’s now review each product individually.

Propecia is a treatment for men; it is a DHT inhibitor. It is used to maintain hair and provide small growth. Propecia’s sole purpose is to maintain the hair that you have not yet lost. It also provides slight thickening of the hair within a 2-year time frame. This is a great choice if you are just noticing your hair thinning. If you have already lost a lot of hair you may want to add Rogaine Foam in addition to Propecia to your hair treatment regimen.

Rogaine Foam (Minoxidil) is a treatment for both men and women alike. It is a growth stimulant. It is used to grow new hair. Although Rogaine Foam is not used to treat the symptoms that cause hair loss it has been proven in 85% of men to stimulate new hair growth within 1 year of product use. For maximum results, you should think about using a combination of Rogaine Foam and Propecia.

Laser Comb is a treatment for both men and women. This product has received a 5-star rating from its users. It is a growth stimulant and its main purpose is to thicken hair for aesthetic purposes. This is an FDA approved hair growth product. Salon treatments that give the same results as the Laser Comb would normally cost $200 per visit. The Laser Comb has been proven to grow hair as well as improve the quality of your hair’s form.

Concealer (Toppik and Couvre) is used to hide thinning hair. This does not treat hair loss but helps give up to a 50% thickened appearance to improve your hairs aesthetic look. This Concealer is a great option if you are currently undergoing treatment to stimulate your hair growth and are waiting for the results; it is also a great treatment if you just want a thickened appearance without sticking to a hair treatment regimen.

Nizoral Shampoo is used for both men and women. It is both an androgen blocker as well as an anti-inflammatory agent. This is an essential shampoo for any of your hair treatment regimes to work. Use it once every three days. Message into hair and let it soak for the duration of your shower. When you are not using Nizoral on the open days, you may use any shampoo of your choice.

There are of course supplemental Hair Loss Treatment that you can add to your foundation to maximize hair growth and sustainability. These products include Tricomin Therapy Spray, Topical Spironolactone (S5 Lotion), Revivogen, Crinagen and finally Folligen.

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