Cirrhosis Lever Treatment: Symptoms And Herbal Treatment

Cirrhosis Lever Treatment - Cirrhosis is a serious, potentially life-threatening disorder in which the normal, healthy cells of the liver are inflamed and eroded, and replaced by scar cells, causing the liver to shrink in size and become leathery. In such a condition, the liver fails to perform its natural functions of cleansing the blood of toxins, converting ingested food into simple forms that can be easily assimilated into the body, producing bile, and storing essential minerals and vitamins. Such damage is caused to the liver on a long-term basis. The symptoms of this condition are loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, foul breath, low fever, fatigue, weight loss, itchy skin, jaundice, painful swelling of the legs and the abdomen due to fluid retention, spider-like blood vessels visible through the surface of the skin, especially on the trunk, neck, arms and face, and disorientation that may even lead to coma.

The primary reason for this ailment is regular and prolonged consumption of alcohol in excessive amounts. Chronic malnutrition may also predispose a person to cirrhosis. Regular intake of strong medicines and steroids may also cause the level of toxins in the body to increase, and thereby lead to this problem. Accumulation of excessive fat in the liver may also be responsible for this condition. Also, if the bile ducts get damaged or blocked for some reason, the liver may gradually get inflamed and the condition may lead to cirrhosis. Hepatitis A and B may also cause severe damage to the liver and cause cirrhosis.

Cirrhosis Lever Treatment

There are a few preventive measures that you should follow to avoid liver cirrhosis. Get yourself immunized for hepatitis. Eat a healthy, well-balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals. Also, restrict your intake of alcohol or quit drinking altogether. You should also keep a check on the amount of salt, especially table salt, you consume, as too much salt in the bloodstream may cause fluid retention in the body, and damage the liver. You should also consult your doctor about the regularity and duration for which you consume both prescription drugs and over-the-counter medicines, in order to minimize the chances of liver damage. An effective Cirrhosis Lever Treatment is to grind some papaya seeds to extract the juice out of them, mix it with a teaspoon of lime juice and consume this mixture twice a day. A solution of 3 parts of carrot juice and 2 parts of spinach juice should be consumed every morning on an empty stomach.

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