The Complete Guideline On Delta Dental Insurance Card

Delta Dental Insurance Card

Delta Dental Insurance has a new mobile Online Services that allows you to get the easy access. You can navigate quickly to the features you are commonly used. The insurance provides Delta Dental PPO, Delta Dental Premier, and DeltaCare USA as the part of their plans. Delta Dental Insurance Card helps you so you can pull it up at the dentist’s office.

delta dental insurance cardWhat Is The Delta Dental Insurance Card?

The ID card is your identification. It helps your dentist know that you are a Delta Dental Subscriber. It is important for you to show your ID card to your dentist anytime you visit to get any oral treatment. It is possible for you to get additional or replacement of ID card if you want to sign into the member portal.

The ID card contains some valuable information for your dentist such as the group name. The group name means the name of your employer group. Then, it also tells the dentist about your name as the subscriber or the employee. The Subscriber ID is the identification number, which is important to continue the claim process for the service provided by your dental office. There is also ‘Your group number’, which is the number to identify your employer group and the specific plan you have in the Delta Dental plan. The group number is important for your dental office to submit your dental claim to the Delta Dental.

It is important to note that the ID card is not the guarantee that you are eligible to get the services. It is only an information tool to help you and your dentist. The dentist verification and the benefit predetermination is the first thing to make you eligible.

What To Do If You Are Looking For Your ID Card?

You do not need your ID card. It is because you can tell your dental office that you have Delta Dental coverage by providing your name, date of birth, social security number as well as the name of your employer. This information is valuable for the office to verify your benefits and eligibility. You also can tell them to provide your details if you have dependents on the plan.

However, if you still want an ID card, there are some following options you can do:

  1. Log in to Online Services and then chose Print ID card or Email ID card.
  2. View your ID card through your smartphone and then show it to a dental office staff member.
  3. Download the Delta Dental app that is available for both Premier and PPO. You can download from the App Store or Google Play, and then choose the login and select the ID card.

How To Print A Temporarily Delta Dental ID Card

To do so, you must visit the main web site of Delta Dental. Visit at and then, select “Member” and then choose “Employer Plan”. After that, you need to choose “Dental Login”. To continue, you must enter your username as well as the password. Choose “Print a temporary ID Card”. You are done to print your Delta Dental Insurance Card.


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