Consumption Risks During Pregnancy

What Consumption Risks During Pregnancy?

Consumption Risks During Pregnancy - When considering what should be taken into the body during a pregnancy, we should also discuss things to avoid during this time...

Food Risks


Listeria bacterial infection is quite rare, however, it can be extremely dangerous for a developing fetus. The listeria bacteria can develop in certain foodstuffs (some seafood, dairy products, and butcher's produce).

Contraction of the bacteria is not particularly dangerous for the mother, however, if the unborn child is exposed to the bacteria, then in the majority of cases, death will occur and in those surviving, extreme body and organ wasting is common.


See this article for a detailed discussion of toxoplasmosis.


  • Hygiene is the main key, along with avoidance of certain foods.
  • Wash all fruits and vegetables thoroughly.
  • Wash hands often and especially before handling food.
  • Clean out the refrigerator regularly with a bleach-based solution.
  • Do not eat leftovers after 24 Hours.
  • Heat leftovers to piping hot before consuming.
  • Do not eat raw meats.
  • Do not do the gardening without gloves.
  • Do not go near a cat litter.
  • Avoid unprocessed milk.
  • Avoid soft cheeses based on non-pasteurized milk or blue cheeses.
  • Do not eat the crust of a cheese.
  • Do not eat raw vegetable sprouts (clover, mung bean, bean sprouts).
  • Avoid raw shellfish and fish eggs (taramasalata).
  • Cook all meats and eggs right through.
  • Avoid butcher's ham and other in-store prepared foods.
  • Pay extra attention to sell-by-dates on the packaging.
  • Minimize consumption of fish that may hold high mercury levels (swordfish, shark).
  • Foods that have high levels of vitamin A (like liver) should only be consumed on an occasional basis.
  • Avoid herbal teas and supplements.


It is recommended to severely limit (or eliminate completely) caffeine intake during a pregnancy. Beyond 5 strong cups per day can be a direct risk to the health of the baby.

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