Curing Diabetes with Nutraceuticals

A recent study conducted on diabetes has shown that Nutraceuticals have the capability to control diabetes.

Nutraceuticals denote foods having a medicinal effect on the health of human beings. According to the American Diabetes Association, if you have the symptoms of developing diabetes then the appropriate change in diet will certainly do wonders for you. A change in diet along with physical activity will surely reduce the risk of diabetes.

To make your life healthy and diabetes free, here are a few healthy foods. Just make them your friends and see the way your health, as well as life, improves. One of the most sought foods is soluble fiber. The major benefit of soluble fiber is slowing down the absorption of carbohydrates. Easily available sources of fiber are oat bran, nuts, barley, flaxseed, fruits like oranges and apples, and vegetables like carrots.

Do you know Coffee is another great nutraceutical? It comprises of chlorogenic acid which acts as an antioxidant. After having food, it aids in slowing down the release of glucose into our bloodstream. Barley malt also has the same effect. It is also helpful in promoting regularity of bowels.

A few more popular nutraceuticals include magnesium, chromium picolinate, conjugated linoleic acid, bitter melon and our beloved cinnamon. These nutraceuticals effectively enhance glucose tolerance as well as insulin sensitivity.

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