Dangers of Leukorrhea in Pregnant Women

Dangers Of Leukorrhea In Pregnant Women - Leukorrhea is a condition that in women. Where are usually women who experience to leukorrhea problems will feel the discomfort even to stop activities? Although generally, this situation is not too visible bad some symptoms that arise due to leukorrhea can make a person anxious and uncomfortable.

The following are leukorrhea symptoms that often appear:

  • Itching and thermal sensations around the vagina
  • The discharge of a thick white liquid with unpleasant aroma
  • The vaginal area becomes reddened

Well, that's the symptoms that often make a woman experience discomfort due to leukorrhea. Especially during pregnancy. Pregnant women who experience vaginal discharge should immediately perform the appropriate examination and treatment. Because, if the leukorrhea that arises continues to be left then it can disrupt the condition of pregnancy to cause miscarriage.

Complications of Disease Due to the Dangers of Leukorrhea in Pregnant Women:

1. Premature Birth

If the natural leukorrhea is terrible, then the viscous fluid that comes out will be yellowish with a very stinging smell. Conditions like this should immediately get special handling. Because, if it continues to be left can cause inhibition of baby's metabolism and disrupt its growth. Where circumstances like this can cause, the baby was born prematurely or premature birth.

2. Membranes Broken

The dangers of leukorrhea in the next pregnant woman is to experience the rupture of membranes before the time of birth. Where if a woman who is pregnant experience this condition then it could trigger a cesarean section to save the baby because if not immediately done can cause a miscarriage.

3. Fetal Development Disorder

The last is the occurrence of interference with the development of the fetus in the womb. So, when the baby is born's weight will usually be below average. Because the nutrients that enter the body will be exhausted by the virus caused by leukorrhea.

Well, that's why the treatment to the dangers of leukorrhea in pregnant women should be done immediately. Do not let this condition make you lose the fetus in your womb. So make sure you do the right treatment, and start implementing a healthy lifestyle to alleviate and avoid very dangerous leukorrhea complications.

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