Diabetes Complications For Seniors

Diabetes Complications For Seniors

Seniors with diabetes are more likely to experience Diabetes Complications For Seniors. The risk of diabetes complications increases if the senior has had diabetes for a long time. This is especially true if the diagnosis of diabetes was delayed and therefore, went untreated. Diabetes complications can be severe and even life-threatening. The best way to prevent diabetes complications is to keep blood sugar levels under control.

Managing diabetes can be difficult for seniors. The blood glucose levels can become erratic. Seniors may not get enough exercise to help the body use glucose, so more glucose remains in the blood. When seniors do have a problem managing their blood glucose levels or are starting to experience symptoms of a diabetes complication, they should see a doctor. Some seniors may not have reliable transportation to visit the doctor as needed.

Some of the Diabetes Complications For Seniors that may be problematic for senior diabetic patients are diabetic neuropathy, retinopathy, kidney disease, infections, impaired circulation, and heart disease. Diabetic retinopathy can lead to blindness. If a diabetic patient develops kidney disease and it becomes severe, they may need to rely on dialysis to clear their bodies of waste.

Diabetic patients have an increased risk of infection because of excess glucose in the body. Glucose can foster bacteria that can cause infection. The risk of infections is made worse due to diabetic neuropathy and impaired circulation. Impaired circulation can slow the healing process. Diabetic neuropathy may delay the detection of a wound until it has become infected.

Heart disease and strokes are a diabetes complication for which seniors with diabetes have an elevated risk. Diabetes adds risk to a diabetic patient that may already have risk factors for heart disease. Such risk factors can be excess weight, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.

A senior diabetic patient should not accept defeat and resign to having poor health. They can take steps towards decreasing their risks of Diabetes Complications For Seniors. If the senior diabetic patient is overweight, the patient should try to lose the weight. The doctor may recommend that the diabetic patient meets with a nutritionist for help in losing weight. The senior diabetic patient can take gradual steps to exercising more. The doctor should be consulted before beginning exercise. The doctor may also have more suggestions for preventing diabetes complications.

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