Diabetes Diet Education – The Simple Approach

Diabetes Diet Education

This is your simple diabetes diet education. In this short post, I de-mystify diabetes, why people are sick, why people stay on drugs, and why people are not getting well. What is also in this short educational post is how to get well. How to get off drugs. How to be an ex-diabetic.

The Basics:

Diabetes Type 2 – by definition should be renamed as a blood sugar disorder, a metabolic disorder, whose cause is usually an eating disorder.

You have an eating disorder. Yes, you do. If you are eating a high carbohydrate, low-fat diet, then you have an eating disorder. Just like anyone who follows that American food pyramid, they all have an eating disorder. That American food pyramid is totally, and completely false. That food pyramid is not what Adam and Eve or their equivalent original humans were designed to eat!

Would Adam and Eve had access to spaghetti? To bread? To potatoes? To pizza? To oats? To rice? To coffee? To sugar? To cakes? The answer is no, no, no, no and no.

Would Adam and Eve have cooked all their food to death? All their animal meats to death? For that matter, did Adam and Eve have pots and pans? I’d wager Adam and Eve didn’t cook anything.

Would Adam and Eve have artificially condiment each and every food item?

Low Fat Diet – is bad for you. A low-fat diet is a 50-year-old lie brought to you by an industry that benefits from diseases caused by a low-fat diet. Humans are fat seeking creatures. And the best fat is from natural raw fatty animals. Cooked fat may be passable at times, but it is raw fat that is healing, lubricating and hydrating.

Fiber is a myth, fiber is harmful – high fiber diet is being propagated by an industry that benefits from diseases caused by a high fiber diet. High fiber diet taxes your digestive system. High fiber diet stresses your small and large intestines. Eventually, the large intestines are exhausted and overstretched, they lose their muscular strength and ability to poop by themselves and you have to resort to stronger and stronger laxatives.

Cooking everything to death and your food nutrition is lowered to the point it becomes inorganic.

Animal food, meat, fats, and organs are good for you. Especially wild ocean, wild forest, and grass fed animals are very nutritious and should form the majority of your diet.

Diabetes Type 2 is entirely curable. What needs curing are your paradigms. As you can see from the above points is that most diabetics are following the exact opposite of what it takes to be healthy. The reason for that is they are given the entirely wrong roadmap, the entirely wrong definition of what diabetes type 2 is… all in an industry that wants to keep them sick to become lifetime customers.

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