Do Children Really Cause Us To Lose Our Hair?

The answer to that is a most definite – “Yes”. In all fairness to children, causing us stress is the only cause that they could control. Still, children or what should be termed as the cycle of life does cause hair loss in many women that are not associated with the daily stress of raising a child. Men also face hair loss due to stress levels but are freed from the risks of child-bearing.

We have all heard the stories of our parents claiming we are the cause of their hair loss. Get ourselves into trouble and they claim we make them pull their hair out. This is possibly the only thing we are not really guilty of when it comes to parental hair loss factors.

Teens face a higher risk factor due to hormone changes in the body and could become a cause of male hair loss as well as female hair loss. Birth control to avoid having unwanted children can cause female hair loss.

Becoming pregnant is another large hormonal imbalance that can lead to female hair loss. With the changes throughout the pregnancy, the woman’s hormones will fluctuate and be a cause of hair loss.

After giving birth, women again face drastic hormone changes as their bodies return to normal and this can create a condition known as postpartum hair loss. This condition may be increased with “postpartum blues” but is not connected specifically to this condition. Postpartum hair loss main cause of hair loss is due to the hormone readjustment after giving birth. Hormone changes are also the cause of “crying the blues” as postpartum blues are sometimes called.

No matter how you look at it, the answer to the initial question is a definitive and resounding “YES”. Children are really a cause of hair loss, albeit either by having them or avoiding the possibility of having them. We are all at risk when you stop to realize that the natural process of puberty and menopause with enough hormone imbalances to become a cause of male or female hair loss.

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