Does Aloe Vera Wart Removal Really Work?

Aloe Vera for Wart Removal

Aloe Vera for Wart Removal - Aloe vera is a plant that grows natively in Africa, India, and the Middle East, and has been used for medicinal purposes by indigenous peoples for centuries. It’s known as the medicinal aloe because the extracts from the plant have been shown, at least to some degree, to be an effective treatment of burns, minor skin infections, insect bites, sebaceous cysts, and minor wounds.

A plethora of scientific studies have been undertaken over the years, but conflicting results have prevented the medical world from conclusively recommending aloe vera as a treatment for any given condition. Nonetheless, that hasn’t stopped those who believe in it from using it; including those who promote aloe vera for wart removal.

How it Works

Aloe vera is thought to derive healing properties from the anthraquinones, lectins, mannans, and polysaccharides the plant contains. It is said that aloe vera applied to a burn promotes healing faster than standard medical procedures, but again, the evidence is contradictory in many studies. One thing that is known conclusively is that aloe vera compounds do have antibacterial and antifungal properties. That may explain why the plant is an effective treatment for minor skin infections.

While warts are caused by the HPV virus, the same properties in aloe vera that fight bacteria and fungus might also be effective against viral infections. Proponents of aloe vera as a wart treatment suggest acquiring a compound from an herbal medicine outlet and applying it to the wart on a nightly basis. Some believe that covering the site with a plastic bandage speeds the healing process. The application continues nightly until the wart is gone.

A home remedy for warts involving duct tape is another option for those who wish to avoid surgery. Combining the duct tape method with the use of aloe vera is suggested to be the best of both worlds. The healing power of Aloe Vera for Wart Removal combined with the oxygen-robbing effect of duct tape allegedly kills the virus, removes the wart, and promotes healing of the skin.

Worth a Try

While it cannot be said conclusively that aloe vera is an effective wart removal method, there are enough testimonials out there to consider it. At the very least it just won’t work. But it will never harm your skin, leave a scar, or cause a greater infection. It may be worth the minor financial investment to see what it does. You may also want to try it on any moles you’re looking get rid of. Proponents of aloe vera for warts removal claim it does wonders for other skin blemishes too.

If you like the idea of effective, natural wart removal, you could take your chances with aloe vera, or you could do even better with a proven product like Dermatend. Dermatend is an all-natural product, just like aloe vera, which works with your body to remove warts. The safe and effective formula can remove warts in a matter of days, and comes with a money-back guarantee.

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