Does Manuka Honey Help Acne and Scars?

Does Manuka Honey Help Acne and Scars

Does Manuka Honey Help Acne and Scars? The answer to this is ‘Yes,' and it works very well too. It’s a topical agent that can be applied to the acne affected area and can work wonders in reducing it. Manuka honey takes excellent care of the acne scars as well. It might seem a little strange to apply honey on your face, but as and when you will see the results you are going to be encouraged to do so. Manuka Honey has been used for the treatment of several skin infections from ages, but as per the recent times, its popularity as an agent which cures acne and scars is also growing. It has a unique property of drawing moisture out of the bacteria which reside in the affected area, eventually killing them. The most heartening part is that it works well for all types of infectious bacteria, even the more sinister varieties like MRSA. It also works on unclogging the skin pores by drawing out impurities from them, so that your skin is safe from any future breakouts of this horrible skin disease.

Most acne creams and ointments have specific side effects because Manuka Honey is natural there is hardly any chance of that, and in fact, it works on hydrating the skin. As an anti-irritant, it doesn’t aggravate any reactions on the sensitive skin types too. Since it nurtures and moisturizes the area affected by acne scars, the tissue affected by the acne breakouts heals and grows back much more quickly. Just by applying this honey to your face twice a day you will see the difference it makes on the scars and pimples, within 3-4 days you are bound to notice significant differences.

Manuka honey is different from the regular honey as in this case the bees work on the pollens that they collect from a particular tree called the Manuka tree. You should prefer using the honey which is marked active with a Unique Manuka Factor (UMF) of 10 or more. It’s available in all health stores. Moving on to the application, you should apply it at least twice a day and leave it on for as long as possible. The excellent idea is to ask it at night and sleep with it. Wash your face with warm water, use some Manuka honey on a sterile dressing and put it on the affected area. It might feel uncomfortable because of the stickiness and might even produce a stinging sensation, but in the end, it’s all going to be worth it. You can keep doing this for as long as the scars disappear but it’s advised not to go beyond three weeks.

So we can say that for best acne treatment or best treatment of acne scars, you can use Manuka Honey Help Acne and Scars safely.

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