When Dormant Chlamydia Strikes: Fighting through Antibiotics

A bad abdominal pain. Urinating also now becomes difficult and even painful. You also get vaginal discharge. Actually, you are already familiar with all these. Years back, you had Chlamydia, a sexually transmitted disease, from your unfaithful boyfriend. However, after you have been married to another man and gave birth, everything was fine. Suddenly, it all comes back again. You know the pain, and you've been tested positive for Chlamydia. How could this happen when you've got an over-loyal husband?

It may be the case of a dormant culprit. Dormant Chlamydia.

What lies dormant will soon awake. At times, an undetected Chlamydia infection is even more dangerous than obvious diseases. The period it stays hidden becomes the time when they can expand their roots and spread more as they inflict more damage to your reproductive system.

Today, Chlamydia cases continue to rise among men and women. Dormant Chlamydia is when the bacteria lie inactive in your body for extended periods. Most often, there are no symptoms to accompany this disease. However, when you feel a slight change in your body, look out for some of these symptoms. In women, there may be vaginal discharge, as well as pelvic and abdominal pain. In men, discharge from the penis can be present as well as swelling of the testicles.

A dormant Chlamydia that lies undetected for a long period of time can eventually cause the scarring of your ovaries, tubes, and uterus. At times, this may also cause sterility and tubal pregnancies. In the case of males, there can also be scar tissues forming inside your urethra which can obstruct the passageway.

Before your case worsens and your husband infected, it is essential to consult immediately your doctor for antibiotic treatment. These are prescription drugs to fight the bacteria. Sometimes, you may need to take more kinds of antibiotics to completely kill and cure the infection, otherwise, the dormant monster might attack again.

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