Driving Tips For Pregnant Women

Driving Tips For Pregnant Women

Are you pregnant but have to stay active? As a career woman that requires you to keep driving, here are Driving Tips For Pregnant Women:

Driving during pregnancy will not be a problem if your pregnancy condition is healthy. Some pregnant women are advised not to drive a motorcycle or car if they have a medical history and a pregnancy history that requires extra attention.

In addition to driving your car will make a tired pregnant woman, this condition will cause problems if the distance of pregnant women too far. Pregnancy complaints will be felt by pregnant women even tend to be more severe.

The condition of pregnant women in the first trimester will get easily tired and feel nauseated. Even the difficulty of concentration. Conditions known as morning sickness is not recommended to drive itself because the body is not fit.Sedangkan if you are forced to drive because of certain conditions, you can provide a snack as a provision of travel. For example like biscuits, pastries, fruits that are ready and do not forget to keep drinking water. Ginger candy can also relieve nausea. Sedangkan when you feel suddenly want to vomit, and nausea or other complaints immediately turn your vehicle and contact a husband or colleagues who can help you.

For those of you who travel long driving a car in the second trimester. We recommend that you do a complete examination to determine the health condition of your womb. Even if forced to drive alone, should stop a few times less 10 minutes for the back of the spine and back that has been sore. You can get out of the car and walk for a while and stretch to make your body relax.

As for pregnant women who enter the third-trimester pregnancy. The waist can overcome feelings of stiffness by using a pillow. If you sit in the front seat by shifting the chair towards the back, you can get a more spacious room and make you comfortable. When you're on the road, you often cope with stress because of a traffic jam so that is done listening to radio or music that can make you comfortable. Always bring the water supply to keep the body hydrated.

Below are Driving Tips For Pregnant Women who use motorcycles, the husband and family's concerns are shocks from vehicles at risk of miscarriage or premature pregnancy. But if the mother does not experience a condition of abdominal cramps, bleeding then you do not have to worry.

Here is what pregnant women should do when using a motorcycle:

1. Reduce the Intensity of Motorcycle Usage

If you have to travel far should avoid the use of motorcycles. Pregnant women were susceptible to back pain and fatigue that causes interference in pregnant women and fetus.

2. Using Security

You are forced to use a motorcycle to keep it safe by using security. A helmet as a protector of impact, just that can protect pregnant women from the sun and wind. Then the next is the support belt that serves to keep the fetus to avoid shock.

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