Dry Hair Remedies: Contribution of Natural Ingredients For Healthy Hair

Dry Hair Remedies

Dry Hair Remedies - The texture of hair is influenced by numerous factors. Dry hair could make even the most beautiful person look unattractive as it tends to draw a lot of undue attention to itself due to its straw-like appearance. Direct exposure to the ultraviolet rays of the sun, pollution, harsh hair care products and neglect are the main reasons for dry, lifeless hair. Prolonged illness and related medication, hormonal changes and stress can also contribute to hair damage. Transforming the texture of your hair is not an impossible task, but it does require a lot of patience and regular care.

What Natural Ingredient You Should Use

Since direct sunlight and pollution affect hair texture, wearing a scarf when outdoors is recommended to minimize the damage that they cause. Hair products play a vital role in the overall quality of hair. Hence, it is essential to choose your hair products with much care and deliberation. Harsh products should be avoided and if you feel that a certain product tends to damage your hair, discontinuing the use of it immediately is recommended. Regular hair treatments like straightening of hair, perming and coloring must be avoided as they tend to cause long-term damage. The daily washing of hair and the process of blowing drying hair should also be avoided as they tend to strip the hair of natural oils, thus making hair weak, dry and dull. Drying your hair with a towel is recommended to prevent further damage. After using a towel, rub on some hair serum and run your fingers through your hair to detangle knots. When your hair is almost dry, comb it with a wide tooth comb. The serum strengthens the hair and the wide tooth comb ensures that there is minimal breakage.

Well-looked after, nourished hair will always look silky and gorgeous. Regular massages are a way of ensuring that your hair gets the nourishment it needs while improving the flow of blood and natural oils to the hair follicles. Pure coconut oil, vitamin E oil, olive oil and almond oil are excellent options for treating dry hair. Warm the oil of your choice and rub it into the scalp, ensuring that the whole scalp is massaged thoroughly, at least 20 minutes before a bath. To maximize its effects, wrap a warm, moist towel around your head after a massage to allow the oil to seep in well, thus nourishing the roots. Washing hair with a cup of milk or apple cider vinegar, before using a mild shampoo, leaves hair conditioned, easy to manage and glossy.

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